Just Another Number

Mirror, mirror on the wall,

How the hell old do you think I am?!?

Maybe it’s the upcoming arrival of my birthday that’s setting me off, but my brain and ego can’t even begin to wrap themselves around this enigma.

What kind of person goes to the liquor store for Bailey’s and fails to get carded by an 80 year old cashier, then later that same day goes to Target…

and gets carded by a teenage punk for buying canned air?

Why, yours truly, of course!

Evidently, I look old enough to buy alcohol without proper adult supervision…

But not quite old enough to know that getting high off a can of compressed air is just wrong.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I can’t be sure.

While I’m not exactly certain where I stand at the moment, perhaps the picture below will help put things in perspective.

~Have a great weekend, and Happy Earth Day! ~

Keeping myself entertained while the kids are at school...

Keeping myself entertained while the kids are at school…