Positive Like a Proton

You know your week hasn’t been so hot when the highlight has been riding shotgun in an ambulance.


I’m not gonna lie.

This week was rough, and my motivation and creativity are sorely lacking.

On the positive side, two for the price of one in an ambulance helps to soften the blow a teeny bit.

More bang for your buck, ya know?

Always a silver lining.

(I haven’t slept much lately. Is it obvious?)

Anyway, I had recently seen a goofy expression that made me crack a smile:

Be like a proton; stay positive.

It’s an interesting analogy, and yet surprising accurate.

As human beings, we are are always trying to balance the negativity of the electrons in life with the positivity of protons.

Sometimes, you can only achieve the neutrality of a neutron; other times it’s tough to balance out that negativity at all.

But even so…

Always strive to be that positive proton.

~Wishing you all a bright and positive proton-like weekend.~

Protons clearly have the right idea...

Protons clearly have the right idea…


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