Bigly Bestest Yoga Doggie

@thebiglybestestdoggie: Looking to get in shape this holiday season? Well, you’re in luck! From the creator of popular poses like Upward Dog and Downward Dog, this Yoga Doggie will help you achieve your goals in no time! Treats and belly rubs acceptable forms of payment.

Will work for treats!

Will work for treats!

~Happy Tuesday, friends! If you’re in the market for a workout buddy, Jett is ready for action! Haha!~


16 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Yoga Doggie

  1. My workout coach is named Scooter.

    He is a beautiful dog and when people ask me what breed of dog he is, I tell them, “whatever came over the fence.”

    “But then what breed was his mother,” they ask.

    “Whatever come over last time.”

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    • Haha! Scooter sounds like a very interesting and exciting mysterious mix. 😛

      Glad he serves as a good workout coach. Jett is also a fine coach, although his strength especially lies in dragging me around the neighborhood as he runs from all the scary little neighborhood dogs a fraction of his size. 😛

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