Bigly Bestest Setback

@thebiglybestestdoggie: Just when it seemed I was on the road to recovery, woke up one morning and realized something wasn’t right. All the progress made since surgery seemed to have disappeared, and I was in a lot of pain.Β  Went back to the doctor, and discovered I had developed an infection. Looks like I’ll be wearing this cone for a while…

One step forward, two steps back…

~Hey, friends. Jett’s recovery process has been nothing short of frustrating and challenging, but here’s to hoping for better days ahead. Hope you are all doing well. We’ve missed you!~


43 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Setback

  1. Poor Jett! Buddy and I have been on hiatus for awhile and had no idea that Jett was going through this! Sending lots of love and prayers for a speedy recovery! Lots of doggy treats to you as well, Jett! Mona and Bud

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    • Thanks, Mona! I’m very behind on everything right now, but thanks for the well wishes from you and Buddy! We are finally on the right track to recovery, I do believe ❀


  2. Awww no, poor Jett. Two steps forward one step back. I’m glad they’ve figured out the issue with the infection, hopefully they can get that under control and he’ll start seeing some improvements soon. The days of wagging tails are just around the corner hopefully Β β™₯Β β™₯Β β™₯Β β™₯

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      • Are you kidding? It has been so windy here, I would’ve been terrified of that cone catching a big gust and Jett blowing away Wizard of Oz style, if not for the fact that he is still restricted to leash-only outdoor activity. Whew! πŸ˜›


  3. Sorry to hear about Jett’s complications. It happens sometimes. 😦 Now he’ll have cone-wearing AND pill-taking to contend with. I’ve heard Pill Pockets do a good job of hiding pills, turning them into a “treat.” My dog, however, was too smart for that ruse. He’d eat the pocket part and leave the pill on the floor. LOL. He takes a horse pill every day now, a joint supplement. Willingly. Because he gets a slice of American cheese if he cooperates.

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    • Funny you should mention Pill Pockets… Jett has developed an addiction to the peanut butter ones. πŸ˜› We ask him if he is ready for a Peanut Butter, and he eagerly downs his medications. It might just be the highlight of this whole ordeal for him

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