Bigly Bestest Back to Cone

@thebiglybestestdoggie:Β Lasted a whopping four days without this dreadful cone before landing back at the vet with another infection. Back to hopping around. Back to a bunch of medications. And back into the cone. I’m frustrated. Momma’s frustrated. Paws crossed this is the final bump in the road on my road to recovery…

This nonsense is getting old…

~Hey there, friends. Jett’s recovery process has not been going anywhere near as well as we would have liked. At this rate, we might be on track to setting a Guinness Record for the longest time a doggie has ever spent in a cone… Yikes!~


37 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Back to Cone

  1. Oh Jett, Poor Baby. I’ve been keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you, clearly to no avail. Here’s to better times ahead. Those cones must be mega irritating. XX

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    • I never realized how painful these cones are- for both pets and their people alike. I’m fairly well convinced they were designed by a people-hating sadist with no true knowledge of dogs.

      Jett and I will be very happy once he is free from this horrific contraption. Fingers crossed not too much longer…


      • They are horrible things. My old cat was sent home with one and no sooner did we put her down at home, she took off, tearing round the house trying to outrun it, crashing into doors and walls as she went. It must have been a sight to see because I was in hot pursuit. When I managed to catch her, we removed the cone and luckily she didn’t worry her wound, honestly I can’t even remember now, why she was fitted with it. It will be a happy day for us all when Jett can be freed and I am still keeping my fingers crossed for him. He is a patient and lovely boy. X

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  2. Poor Jett. We’re all pulling for you. Not hard enough to get the cone off, but pretty hard. Sometimes things don’t go like we hope or expect, but it will all be OK eventually. Just keep on keepin on. πŸ™‚

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  3. You sure you’re not milking this for the extra treats? Nah, nah, nah I know you’re the best boy Jett and powering through this affliction as best you can. Poor pup! I’m sure it will all turn out well but getting there is a heck of challenge for you and your human partners.

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    • I can’t imagine any amount of extra treats would be considered an acceptable trade off for the misery of being confined to a cone… would it? Hmm. Perhaps we should check in with Max to get another doggie’s perspective on the lengths one might go to for more yum yums…

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  4. Sometimes these events are harder on the owners of the pet than the pet themselves. Jet will bounce back with energy and excitement once this ordeal is through. As annoying and frustrating as this is, Jet and the family will have many years of joy and happiness to look forward to!

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    • Thanks, Jonathan. It’s fair to say this has not been fun for anyone, but luckily for Jett, he has found ways to make the cone more bearable. Like “accidentally” bulldozing me with it, for instance. After all, when life lands a doggie in a cone, what else is there to do but make the most of it? πŸ˜›


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