Happy Happy Joy Joy!

Holy guacamole!

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Comically Quirky!

Let me tell ya, releasing that very first post was both exhilarating and nauseating.

And terrifying.

Yeah, definitely terrifying.

Would anybody actually read it?

Would they like it?

Or worse… Would people really read it?

And judge me? Or hate me?

Oh, the horror!

I’d never been so terrified in my  life.

And yet…

It was a huge step forward.

My bff Muriel deserves a shout out here for her role in all this. With her persistent encouragement and a gentle nudge forward, I proceeded with this venture.

Sure, it took me a while to actually take the leap…But I finally did it!

Muriel urged me to quit complaining about cows and cornfields and do something more productive.

And so I began writing about my humorous experiences as a transplant to No Man’s Land.

No Man’s Land deserves a bit of gratitude for creating a period of unsettling change that brought with it a plethora of insanely offbeat experiences, which clearly continue to inspire this blog.

Huge thanks to my Facebook buddies, who were among the very first to know about this venture and read my blog. They have been and still are the most amazing supporters. (Yeah, you guys know who you are. And just know that I love you all for it!) Thanks for having faith in me and being my support.

Speaking of support…my mom, husband, and even my boys have all been amazing support and encouragement for my writing. I am honored to have such wonderful people in my life.

And…a special shout out to Evil Squirrel, who was one of my very first followers. Well, outside of immediate family and coworkers who had faced the threat of either reading my blog or being disowned.

So yeah, someone who had actually chosen to read my blog with his own free will- that’s huge. Here’s to unicorns, my friend!

Writing has always been my strength and my passion, and I plan to continue to use my naturally warped and twisted tendencies to brighten the day for others through humor.

Please be sure to check out The Journey to No Man’s Land, my very first post that kicked off all this insanity.

~Thanks to all my followers and fellow bloggers, family and friends. You guys rock!~

What better way to celebrate Comically Quirky's anniversary than with Ren and Stimpy's Happy Happy Joy Joy song!

What better way to celebrate Comically Quirky’s anniversary than with Ren and Stimpy’s Happy Happy Joy Joy song!


29 thoughts on “Happy Happy Joy Joy!

  1. You rock! Congratulations!! Sorry I saw this a bit late 🙂 I’m so going to check out your first post now.
    BTW here’s a joke for you (from my stepdaugthers when I first met them):
    What do you call cheese that isn’t yours?
    OK I so have a little work to do. 🙂


  2. Woohoo! Happy one year blogaversary! I have enjoyed reading your offbeat observations, and even learned a little about The Simpsons in the process. And of course, hooray to unicorns, without which I would not have gotten the special mention I totally do not deserve! Here’s one to grown on!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yeah! You definitely have learned a thing or two from The Simpsons! Starting with Homer’s infamous “Woo hoo!” 😛

      Offbeat seems to be what I do best. Well, along with being a total smart-ass. I guess that is a strength in its own right…

      Unicorns are awesome!


  3. Congrats! 🎉
    I love blogging and have met some wonderful folks along my 4 year journey. I hope you continue to enjoy and explore your writing talent!
    Love that Stimpy!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m so honored to have been responsible in a tiny way to move your feet forward in this exciting adventure. This giant and funny writer is being waiting all this time to come out and finally did it! Thanks for the laughs and for following your heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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