Bigly Bestest Candy Crazy

@thebiglybestestdoggie: I want candy! I want candy! Ohhh. But I’m a doggie and can’t have candy. And those candy-filled Easter baskets behind me sure aren’t helping the matter. Oh, the injustice!

~Happy Tuesday, friends! Anyone else suddenly craving candy? Hmmm…~


12 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Candy Crazy

    • 😛 No matter what Jett might try to tell you, he actually does get a sufficient amount of treats from time to time. He even got a small portion of the roast my husband made on Easter. For a doggie, I’d imagine that’s the ultimate treat. 😀

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  1. We have enough Easter candy here to last through Memorial Day. The Easter Bunny was v-e-r-y good to us. All hail chocolate (for those who can safely consume it)!

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