Terribly Terrific Teenagers


They’re awesome.

Really, really awesome.


Yesterday was my youngest son’s birthday.

He turned 13.

Now I have two teenagers.

With one kid learning to drive and the other playing his new electric guitar around the clock, things are now twice as fun around here!

And that’s not even factoring all the hormonal mayhem and other joys of those delightful teenage years!

(And kids are always complaining they don’t have anything in common with their parents!)

(Well, overwhelmed by something, at any rate…)

(Make that plural. Teenagers. Not one, but two. Twice the woo hoo!)

(Yeah, that. And speaking of wine…)

(Did you know some wine glasses can actually hold an entire bottle of wine? Probably the genius invention of a frazzled, disgruntled mom..)

(It takes my kids a whopping two hours to even realize I’m home from work. Meanwhile, The Bigly Bestest Doggie always eagerly awaits my return. Yeah. Dogs clearly care more.)

(Google takes a backseat to my expert kids and the plethora of factual knowledge they evidentally think they possess.)

(If you’re a fan of unpredictable extremes, then teenagers are totally your people!)

(If you’ve already punished your child by confiscating their electronics, there’s only one thing left to do. Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures.)

(Judging by the size of the average teenager, it’s probably far too late to even consider attempting this.)

(Kids don’t realize all that arguing and back-talking is equally exhausting for their parents. And tired and cranky parents are not happy and reasonable parents.)

(Seriously. Don’t mess with me. Mostly because I’m already at the end of my rope…)

Truly, for all that people complain about teenagers, they’re really not so bad.

Except when they’re arguing with you.

Or being irrational.

Or finding ways to endanger both your life and your sanity.

But other than that, they’re the best!

~Happy Friday, friends! Who here has teenagers, or has survived the teen years and lived to tell the tale? I hear there is hope, so I’m fairly optimistic… Have a great weekend!~


41 thoughts on “Terribly Terrific Teenagers

  1. I am the eldest of five, and am eight years older than the youngest. Do the math…. we weren’t quite all teenagers at the same time, but darn close. I really don’t know how my parents made it out of the 90’s alive…

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    • Kudos to your parents for having survived what must’ve seemed like a never-ending stretch of teen years! 😝

      I’ve got just two kids, and I’m not entirely convinced I’m gonna make it out in one piece… πŸ˜‚


  2. This is hilarious, thank you for the laugh! The wine glass size for teenagers is priceless. Have a great weekend! Happy birthday to your son 😊 I’m doing laundry, shopping, catching up on coaching work, and all around organizing today! I’ll make sure to send a smile your way too.


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  3. You don’t look old enough to have 2 teens! I like the “be seen out with us in public” meme best. Parents didn’t even have to do/say anything embarrassing back in the day, just being there was enough!

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  4. When I was a young parent, I was warned that parents’ worries get bigger the older the children grow.
    This is most certainly true.
    I have lots of experience being a father of teenagers.
    No wisdom to share… just lots of experience. J.

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