Bigly Bestest Buddies

@thebiglybestestdoggie: Gotta love lazy summer days! Just lounging around with a few friends. And a bus full of Pikachus. Wonder if I can convince them to give me a ride to the park later…

~Happy Tuesday, friends! Speaking of friends, Jett is always happy to have company! Especially if it’s friends he can snuggle with. And not have to share his food with…~


14 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Buddies

  1. What a sweetie Jett is! I just pulled out a new toy for Buddy to play with and it is now ripped to shreds — better dog toys than furniture, though! Any doggie tips on how to get Buddy to chill a little rather than remain on full throttle?

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    • Buddy sounds like a typical doggie. Jett seems to be less typical in that respect. He’s naturally calm, and he treats most objects and people with respect. But… I can’t take credit for any of that; whoever his previous owner was, they obviously trained him well. ☺

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