High on Scented Markers

Smell the rainbow!

Okay, that just sounds wrong. But it works for Skittles, with their Taste the rainbow slogan.

Oh well. At least there’s still the joy of sniffing. Repeatedly.

Good old Mr. Sketch markers.

I came across them a couple weeks ago at Target, and a wave of nostalgia hit me hard. Man, I used to love those things!

Watermelon and licorice were among my childhood favorites, but cherry and grape were great, too.

In retrospect, I’m surprised I never tried to swipe a pack from school; the obsession was that strong.

The best part of elementary school was art class, because that’s where the treasure was kept. That’s right. The stash of Mr. Sketch markers lived in the art room.

I still wonder to this day what kind of delusional teacher thought it was a good idea for each table of six kids to share a single pack of those delectable markers.

Discreet pig-tail pulling ensued over who got which color. The occasional fist fight would break out, too.

Was one of those marker colors by chance called Blood Eraser? You know, one that smelled like antibiotic ointment from the first aid kit?

Elementary school ended far too soon.

But one incredibly awesome day in 9th grade Honors English, a girl named Jen brought a pack of Magic Scent Crayola crayons to class.

One of the crayons was appropriately named Dirt, but I personally preferred Bubble Gum and Banana. It wasn’t quite the same, yet the wonderful memories quickly came flooding back.

It was the best 55 minute class in my entire four years of high school.

Sadly, the Magic Scent line was discontinued a year later. Turns out kids were eating the crayons. Evidently, it just wasn’t fun enough to take a whiff and then draw something creatively cool.

No, those renegades had to go and eat the whole pack of crayons (and probably the box itself, too) and ruin it for all kids, big and small.

And really, parents. Shame on you. That’s like handing your toddler a Lotso Bear plush from Toy Story 3 and expecting it to not have the strawberry-scented stuffing eaten out of it like cotton candy.

But hey, at least the crayons were non-toxic! Unlike that Chinese-imported stuffed bear.


Yes, I bought the markers. They weren’t even all that cheap. Eight dollars for a pack of 12 markers. Which fool spends that much on a set of markers? Oh, right. That would be me.

The chance to relive my childhood clearly justified the ridiculous price tag, though, because buying those markers turned out to be the highlight of my day.

When the kids came home from school, I hid the markers in my closet.

I’ll eventually share.


Truth be told, I’m enjoying them. Perhaps even a tad bit too much.

Which leaves me to wonder- how is it that I once got carded for buying canned air, but this is somehow okay?

I’m blissfully buzzed…from the sheer delight of re-experiencing one of childhood’s greatest pleasures!

Mr. Sketch Markers

Mr. Sketch Markers. Mmm Mmm Good!


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