The King of One-Liners

I like to laugh.

I’m guessing you do, too.

So let’s talk about Henry.

The great Henry Youngman, that is.

The man sure knew a thing or two about comedy.

Without further ado, presenting  five of his epically awesome one-liners:

youngman- drinking and reading

(Smart man. His style was nothing short of admirable.)

youngman- grandma drinks

(Spunky lady! An inspiration to us all.)

youngman- wrong house

(I know it’s wrong. But dammit, it’s hilarious!)

youngman- dressed to kill

(Ok, so cooking isn’t exactly my strong point either.)

youngman- skydiving

(They don’t call it a once in a lifetime experience for nothing, right?)

Which one made you laugh the hardest?

Happy Thursday!


15 thoughts on “The King of One-Liners

  1. The last one plays right into my eyerolling every time I see someone proclaim they’re doing something crazy because “You only live once!” There are some “regrets” and “mistakes” that you just can’t brush off…. like, oh, death!


  2. “My wife dresses to kill…she cooks the same way.” – I read these out loud with my wife next to me and she laughed the loudest at that one…so that works for me too! But they’re all classic!

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