Easter Motivation

I like to liven things up.

It’s what I do.

On that note…

Since today is Good Friday, I decided to make my boys special lunch notes for the occasion.

Notes make lunch time extra special.

Notes  like this make lunchtime extra special!

(If you’re going cross-eyed in a futile attempt to  decipher my microscopic chicken-scratch handwriting, the p.s. reads as follows: This carrot egg thingy has been super glued shut. We will open it together later… if- and only if– you’ve been good today.)

Happy Easter!


4 thoughts on “Easter Motivation

  1. I remember when we used to get the whole week before Easter off school, unless it was one of those years where we used up too many snow days… which in my time was rare because they hardly ever canceled school! There was no such thing as being good when there was no school to keep me in line!


    • I never had the joy of getting an entire week off from Easter. But growing up in NY, we got lots off intermittent days off from almost every single diverse holiday imaginable. Thanksgiving? Of course. Yom Kippur? Most definitely. Kwanza? Why the heck not? When was there time to ever behave with all these days off? 😛


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