The Wisdom of Homer


A man of true character!

Alright, fine.

His character is questionable, at best.

But he’s definitely got character, for whatever that’s worth.

No, I’m not referring to the blind Greek poet Homer, who’s credited for creating brilliant works such as The  Odyssey and The Illiad.


Lower your standards a couple thousand notches, people!

That’s right.

I’m talking about the great Homer Simpson, of course!

Presenting ten of Homer’s finest, most inspiring and motivational quotes to help start your weekend off right:

homer trying

(Well, yeah. I guess that is a valid point.)

homer stupid risks

(Indeed, Homer. Indeed.)

homer don't care

(Again, he’s got a good point.)

homer children future

(Umm… Moving on…)

homer smart

(Close enough.)

homer brain my damage

(No worries. Pretty sure the damage was already done.)

homer never try

(Okay, so I wouldn’t go quite that far..)

homer blame

(Fair enough.)

homer alcohol

(Hey, you can’t have your cake and eat it, too.)

homer education

(It’s safe to assume Homer no longer makes any such attempt.)

~Happy Friday, everyone! Hope your weekend is amazing!~


28 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Homer

  1. Those were great! I needed a little “Homer” today. i also wanted to thank you for coming to “My Name is Jamie”. it has been a project of love and education about our prison system and also gives me a reason to write music and poetry, as well as a book I’m in the middle of writing now. I hope to see you back. Take care.


    • Glad you enjoyed it! Homer may not have a whole lot of brain cells, but every once in a while, little bursts of wisdom manage to find their way into his thoughts and conversations. 😀

      Mmm, donuts!


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