Macabre Mobile Memories

A picture is worth a thousand words.

But I don’t need anywhere near a thousand words. 

I just need three:  

What. The. Hell.

I think my phone is trying to tell me something.

Apparently my summer had sucked.

Like, really sucked.

And, according to my smart-ass phone, things have been sucking for the at least the last three months.


I swear, iPhone must be in cahoots with Siri after the latest iOS update.

You see, it oh-so-helpfully decided to categorize my “best” memories in an album it labeled Best of the Last 3 Months.

And in this album are a select handful of so-called best moments, as determined by… a computer.

Evidently, the best of the last few months consist almost entirely of pictures taken while sitting around, passing time at assorted hospitals.

Did it choose these fine photos because my life had been so dull that whenever I’d finally gotten out of the house, it was to go hang out at various hospitals across the city?

Because my summer did indeed revolve heavily on frequenting various medical facilities for various family members at various times.

Especially for my younger son, who had extensive corrective tendon surgery that landed him in bed for six weeks with two full leg casts, doing nothing but playing video games and watching every single cartoon in the world on Netflix.

But right before that, we had spent a fun-filled day at the Great Wolf Lodge.

Apparently that just wasn’t memorable enough. 

Oh, the irony.

And what about the photos of that kick-ass John Cena vs Bill Nye the Science Guy wrestling ring cake I had baked for my older son’s birthday?

Or the ones of both of my boys whacking the crap out of a WWE piñata with a neon orange baseball bat?

Or what about the first day of school, for goodness sake?

Why are those not among my best photos?

Oh, but that one with my son chilling with a visiting therapy dog is actually kind of cute.

And the handful of pictures of my boys dressed in medical gowns, gloves, and masks to visit Grandma in the ICU are actually pretty sweet, too, in some unsettling way.

Amazingly, one or two of the majestic sunsets I’d photographed managed to creep their way into the album, too.

In addition to all the fun hospital photos, there was no shortage of weird screen shots of everything from Chuck E. Cheese to Homer Simpson to a deranged-looking cartoon horse, courtesy of two crazy boys.

And a ton of funny Pokémon Go shots, mostly featuring Pidgeys and Rattatas in wacky places, like in my coffee cup. 

At a hospital, of course.

All I know is I’m afraid to brave a peak at my phone’s Best of the Year album that undoubtedly awaits.

This, evidently, was one of my better memories of recent. Oh, and hospitals are a great place to capture Pokémon, in case you were wondering.

This, evidently, was one of my better memories of recent. Oh, and hospitals are a great place to capture Pokémon, in case you were wondering.


19 thoughts on “Macabre Mobile Memories

  1. Ratata’s were everywhere. I wonder what happened to the Pokemon craze? That fizzled out rather quickly because I don’t see people out and about looking to catch ’em all.

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  2. Oh dear! It is quite tragic when a computer/phone gets to decide our most memorable moments … My husband is an I-phone user too … Can’t wait to have a look at his best moments now 😀 … Jokes aside, I hope your son feels better and is recovering well … Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Uh oh. So, they probably are not the most sanitary creatures, especially to be running loose in hospitals. But exterminating cute, lovable Pikachu and his friends probably wouldn’t go over very well. (Run for the hills, little Pokemon!) 😛


  3. Ha ha ha ha! So funny. Personally, I hate the Iphone nightmare and the wretched Itunes that I had no choice but to use if I wanted to upload anything from Windows 10. I have AT&T. I thought they would be helpful in helping me set it up but after the **^o%$( customer service employee offered me this wonderful upgrade, I almost sent back my larger screen Windows 10 phone. Thank goodness I did not. I sent back the phantom Iphone. But, it got worse. AT&T sent it back to me to take off Find my phone (which Itunes snuck in there without my knowledge), so I still had to pay for this $500 Iphone.

    I found Find my phone and got rid of it, sent it back to AT&T. They sent it back again. Apparently, the lovely folk at Itunes thoughtfully password protected my Iphone. So I had to call Itunes or Apple or whoever oversees Itunes. They could not help me. Anyway, I figured it had to be the same numeric password I used on my Windows phone. It worked! I sent it back, but alas, even thought it was in AT&T’s notes, I sent it past the expiration date. Huh?! They sent it back and were still charging my account. Finally, a brilliant tech from Apple? Itunes? (I cannot remember) was baffled. He said why didn’t they just hard reset the phone. He gave me an extended date and walked me through the hard reset. I sent it back. The idiots at AT&T finally reimbursed me the three payments they “borrowed” from me and accepted the Iphone back for the last time.

    Shivers. Your hysterical post sent me back into Iphone He double hockey sticks. This was fun. 🙂 ❤ you. Your posts send me to Happy Heaven, a far cry from Iphone double hockey sticks 😎

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  4. LOL! Our devices think they know us so well, and then… THIS. Feelings unfortunately don’t follow specific algorithms, but it makes me laugh that someone wants to try to turn my happiness/sadness/anger/etc into a mathematical equation. 🙂

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  5. Ha ha, oh no! Don’t let it get you down. 🙂 The best thing is that you get to use it for a blog post. Siri, you furthered “Comically Quirky”. That is cool.

    Have a wonderful weekend, and take a bunch of fun photos (take that, Siri). Blessings.

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    • It’s true, Siri and I have a long and complicated relationship. 😛

      On the positive side, as you’ve noted, I use the humor in these situations to inspire my posts. So all is not lost. 😀

      Have a great weekend!


    • Actually, I think I have been messing with Siri, probably more so than the other way around. 😛

      When I get bored, I turn to Siri for entertainment. Usually, the conversations escalate to the point of Siri back-talking me. 😉

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