Merry Gobble Gobble Day!

Turkeys totally love me!

It’s true.

As a vegetarian, I pose absolutely zero threat to those poor fellows.

But enough about that.

Let’s kick the day off with a little humor, shall we?


(Even if he can’t pass for a ghost, he may at least be able to pass as an albino turkey. And who the heck wants to eat that?)


(Um, hello!?! Surely the alarms in your turkey-brained head must be blaring by now!)


(Sorry to break it to you, but sometimes the truth hurts.)


(When you put it that way, it does sound more like a day at the spa, rather than the one-way ticket to inferno that it really is. But hey, enjoy that rubdown!)


(Save your breath, little turkey. You couldn’t pay me enough to make me want to eat you. Consider it my early Christmas present to you.)


(Bet that grass is looking like a pretty appealing option right about now.)


(Sure, but don’t get too complacent. Traditions can change over time, you know.)


(Presumably, eating and being stuffed from the other end are not exactly one and the same.)


(I swear, the need for posting every single thing on social media can get a little out of hand sometimes. Find a better hobby, turkey! On second thought, don’t worry about that right now…)


(Excellent point. Much like Columbus Day, Thanksgiving is yet another holiday of questionable origins.)

What exactly is it that we are celebrating, again?

Okay, okay.

Truly, Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy spending with family and friends, celebrating the multitude of reasons to be thankful, today and every day.

Because there are always reasons to be grateful in this life.

~Happy Thanksgiving, my friends! Hope you all have a wonderful day, whether you choose to celebrate with tofu or turkey. Or a Tofurky. I promise I won’t judge! ~


22 thoughts on “Merry Gobble Gobble Day!

  1. I am glad I saw this excellent collection of mostly “turkey tributes” BEFORE I sat down for T-Giving Dinner. Felt particularly bad for the Facebook Fowl who had no one to connect with. The origins of the Holiday are indeed “up for discussion” but the bottom line is at least we (or Hallmark) has set aside a whole day to give Thanks. South Carolina Head Football Coach Will Muschamp said last week during his justification for the team practicing on Thanksgiving it isn’t a day…it’s a meal. Clemson ate them up Saturday to the tune of 56-7. (Will, maybe next year time better spent being off the whole day after all…couldn’t hurt?!)

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    • Ah, Hallmark. The conglomerate responsible for forcing us to spend quality time with loved ones on several occasions throughout the year, all while emptying our wallets in the process.

      But, as you point out, a day of giving thanks/celebrating something-or-the-other is always a good reason for a day off…for everyone! 😛

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  2. Lol! You’re whacky 😎 Excellent humor and poignant words to tie it up with a bow. We only eat fish and veggies. Sometimes, white meat chicken because my husband is on a cancer diet (which is what I have cooked since I met him) Meditteranean diet. I am Italian, Greek, Armenian, Syrian, and some country in the Middle East plus French and British 🙂 I had my DNA checked via Ancestry. It was cool to find out because I have always had an affinity for Italian, Greek, and Meditteranean food since I was a kid.

    But, I must admit, I ate Tur Key on T-day 🙂

    I love the cartoons and your comments. Hilarious! ❤ you, my friend. Belated Happy Tofurky Day. 😀

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      • Pizza?? 😎 We are gluten free but my friend makes a mean cauliflower pizza crust topped with veggies (no cheese veggie friend) 😉 It is sooo good. And the bacon stays in the pig. 🙂

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      • Actually, it’s usually stray pepperoni that finds its way onto my cheese pizza. This does not please me. 😛

        I’ve always wanted to try cauliflower crust pizza, because I’m a big fan of cauliflower rice. Mmm…

        Bacon staying right there on the pig, where it belongs, is always a huge plus. 😀


  3. Albino turkey? All white meat? Nah, too dry. Tofurkey isn’t bad, my vegan aunts tell me. Maybe with gravy on it, it could pass? Great collection of cartoons, Quirky. Hope you had a delicious and fun Thanksgiving. 🙂

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  4. Mmmmmmmmmm, turkey!

    Feel free to read that in Homer Simpson’s voice…

    I need to start a petition to make turkey dinner a tradition for every holiday. I hate the long wait between Christmas and next Thanksgiving….


    • While I’m not personally heartbroken about the lack of opportunities for turkey dinners, I can see your point. That’s a long stretch of turkeylessness.

      I wonder if Thanksgiving is Homer’s favorite holiday? It’s not a quite a feast of donuts, but….mmmmm, food! And lots of it! 😛


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