O Christmas Tree

O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree,

Thy poor leaves must be horrified!

I mean, for crying out loud!

It just occurred to me that our Christmas tree is a total mishmash of chaos and insanity.

In other words, it’s very well-suited to my family.

It’s official:

The train has come off the track.

And I mean that in the most literal sense.

Seriously, the Christmas train at the base of my tree has apparently decided to take a detour straight to the joyous Land of Derailment.

At any rate, we’ve sure managed to amass quite the collection of ornamental Christmas chaos over the years.

This tree is not lacking in character(s) or personality.

Everyone in my family has a Baby’s First Christmas ornament.

Except for me.

My boys each have multiples.

My husband has a couple of his own, too.

Even my older brother’s Baby’s First Christmas ornament hangs on our tree…and he doesn’t even live with us.

Guess there’s some truth to the notion about the first-born getting all the love and the good stuff in life.

Oh well.

Enough of that pity party.

Let’s talk so more about those ornaments on my tree, shall we?

There’s a light saber-bearing Darth Vader positioned strategically next to an unarmed Gingerbread Man.

And Thor wields his infamous hammer between Tinkerbell and Rainbow Brite.

Marvin the Martian’s ray gun points straight at a lovey-dovey Mickey and Minnie pair with a Batmobile hot on their tails, while Taz chills precariously next to a delicate Eiffel Tower.

Then there’s Baby Jesus, who’s surrounded by a peaceful cluster of angels…along with the Energizer Bunny, Thomas the Train, Jack Skellington, and a one-eyed Cookie Monster.

Who decorated this thing, anyway?

And let’s not forget about my son’s favorite Tom Brady ornament.

Fortunately, our tree is not inflatable. Otherwise, we might have a scandal on our hands.

Good thing Hulk is right there beside him to keep an eye on him.

And then there’s the candy canes.

Adding a rainbow of color to the tree are a lovely assortment of artificial goodness in the form of festive candy canes.

They’re at least a year or two old, though, so I hope nobody actually tries to eat them.

(Note to self: Google “Do candy canes go bad?”)

Oh, but the fun isn’t just inside!

Our adorable lighted outdoor polar bear is passed out on the front lawn beside Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang.

Probably from too much holiday excitement!

Or not.

I can’t be sure if it’s the wind or the spirit of the season that’s already taking its toll on him.

Looks like we could both use a drink right about now…

~Happy Friday, and Happy December! Hope you all have a joyous weekend!~

I think my train is coming off its track... Never mind, it's already too late.

I think my train is coming off its track… Never mind, it’s already too late.


32 thoughts on “O Christmas Tree

  1. The beloved fresh tree will be purchased this coming weekend. At that time the ornaments will be unearthed. We try to get them all on but that depends on two factors…how much the tree can hold and how well we hold up putting them all on. We also have a ficus that refuses to stop growing so it gets a handful of the very, very small ornaments…so small we fear putting them on the “primary” tree for fear when it departs the ornaments may accidentally go with it. Glad to hear the Peanuts gang stopped by for the month. They are annual “renters” here also!

    Liked by 3 people

    • I’ve never actually had a real, live Christmas tree before. That must be really cool. I’d probably find a way to kill it before Christmas, and there’s nothing festive about a withering fire hazard with ornaments dropping from its dead branches. 😛

      Hopefully you’ll find the perfect tree, and not a Charlie Brown tree to compliment your festive Peanuts decor. 😀

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  2. I remember my family had a large collection of unique ornaments, some of which the significance was known (like the ones me and my sisters had made or gotten from school)… and others of which how we came to obtain them was a total mystery (I remember a really cute mouse in a chimney clay ornament I adored). It made it fun to decorate the tree every year… picking out spots for them all. Then one year, when we went to retrieve the bag of ornaments (I’m positive they were kept in a paper grocery bag)….. it was gone. Never to be seen again. My Mom was devastated, and us kids disappointed When I think back on why I have a Scrooge-like view of Christmas… that just may be where it started. The spirit in me died the year those traditional family ornaments disappeared into the ether!

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    • That’s horrible! 😦 I know I would be devastated if all these crazy, goofy ornaments suddenly disappeared.

      Maybe you ought to consider starting a new ornament collection of your own, with funky squirrels, skunks, and rainbow unicorns! Who knows, that may just bring back a touch of holiday cheer. 🙂


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