Spring Break Stupor

Spring is almost here!

Sure, it’s still technically winter.

But it’s already Spring Break.



The house looks like a tornado zipped through it.

The laundry is piling up to the ceiling.

And being the unofficial official referee of this crazy clan is taking its toll on me.

Mommy needs a drink.

If this is a preview of what summer holds, I may be tempted to run away with the circus.


What’s that?

Joining the circus is no longer an option?

Damn you, Ringling Bros!

Damn you for not keeping up with the times and taking away that last glimmer of hope.


Don’t get me wrong.

I love Spring Break.

No, actually…

I love some parts of Spring Break.

No homework.

No teacher emails.

No phone calls from the principal.

I’m pretty well convinced we are on the school’s speed dial system.

So yeah, I’m a fan of any type of school-related break.

Besides, sleeping in is always a nice luxury.

Even if it is only until 7am.

Hey, it’s progress.


On Day Oneboth boys managed to land themselves in time out without any electronic privileges.

But then they behaved well enough later in the week for us to actually get out a few times.

And so I found myself going places I’d rather not go.

Like Chuck E Cheese.

Home of the Yuck E Cheese pizza.

That inedibly nasty excuse for pizza always sits in my stomach like a sinking rock.

What’s in that crap, anyway?

On second thought, I’d rather not know.

And then there’s Dave and Buster’s.

Two hours and a zillion dollars later, we walked out of there with our prize:

A Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em game that we could have purchased for $19.99 at any big box store.

But if we stayed home, the whole eating around the clock cycle of fun would’ve continued, à la Hungry, Hungry Kiddos.

Let me tell ya, that gets old really fast.

Between the demands and lack of gratitude from at least one child at any given time, it’s been a most rewarding week.

Get back to school already, will ya?

Spring has not quite sprung…

Daylight savings is about to begin…

And we’re running out of food and sanity.


Break’s almost over?



~Happy Friday, everyone! If you’ve also had the pleasure of being on “break” with kids this week, I hope your sanity is still intact. Have a wonderful weekend!~

Spring Break is fun! Spring Break is awesome! Spring Break is...ugh, never mind.

Spring Break is fun! Spring Break is awesome! Spring Break is…ugh, never mind.


52 thoughts on “Spring Break Stupor

  1. “Mommy needs a drink” had me laughing out loud. Not having children has kept me from the Yuck E Cheese experience, which I’ve heard from others is a very good thing to have avoided so far in life. Spring Break can only mean Summer Vacation is around the bend, right? (That might require more than one drink for Mommy…?)

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    • Funny you should say that. On the final day of school last year, I rushed to squeeze in a quick stop to the liquor store. From past experience, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to have some on hand. I walked out of the store clutching a bottle of Bailey’s in each hand. 😝

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  2. Lol – what a handful you have there my dear. Sounds like a barrel of boyish fun! Just think what you’ll do when summer comes. I can just see it now. Mom running down the street naked escaping the crazy mayhem. 😛

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  3. You’d think, after all these years that Chuck E. Cheese would get it right, especially because they seem to be making sooo much money off the backs of women and children. Sheesh! I’m glad I’m past that stage, which leads me to me next comment…breaks get better as they get older lol

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  4. Our Spring Break was always the week before Easter…. unless it was one of those winters where we used up a bunch of snow days (Contrary to popular belief, we didn’t always have to walk to school in 10 feet of snow uphill both ways)… in which case that’s when the days would be made up. Oh, and we also lost a few Easter weeks off to make up for lost time during teachers strikes, which seemed to happen all the time in our district…

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    • When I lived in New York, we’d have no shortage of snow days. Fortunately, they never took it out of our scheduled breaks. No, those suckers got tacked on to the end of the school year, so it’d practically be July by the time we were finally done. 😣


  5. Six of one, half a dozen of the other? This made me think of some instructions during nursing orientation at a new facility. One doctor liked us to page him with the number, followed by *1, *2, or *3 depending on the urgency. *3, per his written instructions, was for “things that could wait a week, like, ‘your son’s school called’ or ‘the commander wants to speak with you.'” The school apparently had him on speed dial, just like you! 🙂

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