Unfinished Accomplishments

What do you do all week?

I swear, sometimes I ask myself that very same question.

Where is the time going?

And perhaps more importantly…

What the heck have I accomplished lately?

I’m gonna go with nothing.

Or nothing much, anyway.

Definitely not a whole hell of a lot, from the look of things.

I’m sure laundry and emptying the dishwasher technically count as something.

And with a to do list a mile long, surely I’m not lacking for things to do.

Yet, it seems that for every one thing I manage to cross off the list, I’m instantly having to add 10 more things.

It’s like being a hamster running circles on a wheel that never stops.

(Is this why people sometimes refer to life as a rat race? Interesting…)

On days like today, there is little to show for it.

Let’s see.

Today, I…

Fed the kids breakfast.

Fed the dog.

Brought the boys to school.

Walked the dog.

Worried incessantly.

Did multiple loads of laundry.

Emptied and filled the dishwasher.



Picked the boys up from school.

At least, I think I did…

Did I?

Where are those boys?

I haven’t heard a peep out of them in a while, and that’s never a good thing.


Oh, well.

But truly, I don’t sit at home shoveling Bon Bons down my throat like a glutton while watching soap operas when the kids are at school.

For one thing, I don’t have the attention span to watch a soap opera.

Or anything else, for that matter.

I typically have to get up and do something.

Like dust off the TV or pull out the vacuum…

I’m telling ya, my ability to multitask has reached new levels.

Did you know it’s entirely possible to eat breakfast while pushing the vacuum around the house?

Yeah, well.

I never said it was a particularly good idea.

Some people have to go to the gym to stay fit.

But I get all the physical activity I can safely handle by pushing the vacuum around while balancing stuff while also trying not to choke to death.

I think I’m on to something here.

Some days, I drink my green smoothie out of a cocktail glass.

Because, why not?

By my calculations, I spend roughly three hours a day worrying about everything that is, and everything that can, go wrong.

Such an impressive use of time, I know.

My mind doesn’t merely wander.

It full-out gallops across intersection after intersection of green lights with not a single red light in sight.

I wander around the house, trying to remember what I had set out to do in the first place.

So then I wander around the neighborhood in hopes of clearing my head.

But curiosity wins and I start wandering into new construction homes within my development.

On the way back, I marvel at why the flag is at half-staff, and resolve to Google it when I get home.

And then I get back home and start to worry about everything that needs to get done around the house…

From touching up paint to dusting the base boards to dealing with the backed up dryer vent.

So I become overwhelmed as all these thoughts swirl through my head.

Then before I know it, it’s time to pick the kids up from school.

And I still haven’t managed to eat lunch.

Did I mention I’m still in my pajamas two minutes before I have to head out?

I cram a protein bar down my throat as I’m driving.

So what if my time management skills aren’t looking too hot at the moment?

Some days, I manage to get an entire week’s worth of things accomplished.

Go figure.

A little laundry, a little cleaning, a little writing…

And a whole lotta worrying.

About the state of the world.

About if I’ve somehow been screwing up my kids all along.

About the commotion of upcoming holidays.

That’s right.

Let’s just add the chaos of Christmas to the mix, too, shall we?

Because I might become bored otherwise.

It’s the season…

For what, exactly?



Some days I start off by making a healthy green alkaline smoothie…

And end the day with a shot of Baileys.

Is it so wrong I’m secretly kinda sorta okay with everyone in my family landing on the naughty list to alleviate some of the stress?

I think I might have to accidentally delete the to do list on my phone.

I’d be okay with that.


Too bad, so not sad.

So what is it that I do all day?

I swear, sometimes I just don’t even know.

~Happy Friday, friends! Hope you’ve all had a great week, and that you’ve managed to accomplish…well, more than I’ve managed to accomplish. Have a terrific weekend!~

Pretty sure this right here counts as a fairly significant accomplishment...

Pretty sure this right here counts as a fairly significant accomplishment…


34 thoughts on “Unfinished Accomplishments

  1. Haha! Do not fret, my friend, you have company. I too, like you, do not have the attention span or the inclination to spend time watching soap, but what do I do? Well, I have been questioning myself too. This morning I realized that we are nearing December, not that I was unaware of it, but I was worried that I might just be getting old doing nothing but laundry, cleaning, cooking and thinking and fretting and may be a little of writing and some more thinking…..Oh! Now, at least I am now glad that I am not alone. 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you! There’s nothing like falling into bed with a good book… although in my case, I sometimes end up reading the same page over and over because my mind still hadn’t finished wandering. I guess that is what sleep must be for, right? 😝

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is fantastic, and actually really describes what most of my days seem to be like! Filled with things (and my head overloaded with overthinking) yet nothing I can really pinpoint as to what I’ve really done. Try to have a relaxing Sunday, and know that you did something productive & meaningful with this post! 🙂
    Caz x

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  3. I take a four day weekend every month (YAY 19 years of dedicated service!), and quite often find myself realizing it’s time to go back to work and I’ve literally accomplished zero in all this time I had to get things done. Where did those four days go, and what in the hell was I actually doing during those 96 hours!?!? Usually, I can’t answer either of those questions… but I obviously still remember to feed the cats since they haven’t resorted to eating me yet…

    Liked by 2 people

    • If nothing else, remembering to feed your pet(s) is always top priority. Nobody wants to end up becoming puppy or kitty chow when their neglected pet has to resort to finding creative means of dining. 😝


  4. OMG I could have written this as well! The fact that the laundry is clean and the dishes are done — I think that should be celebrated! And you remembered to get the kids . . . that’s another check in the “winning” column! And you walked the dog — that’s a BONUS! I basically had the same week and it’s far better to stay right in the moment . . . being present . . . and let the rest take care of itself. Or call someone to take care of the dryer vent. You deserve it! You worked hard this week!

    Liked by 2 people

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