Bigly Bestest Resolutions

@thebiglybestestdoggie: This year, I resolve to show more affection by licking everyone/everything in sight, eat fewer rocks, sniff more butts, and spend more time snuggling with Lamb Chop. It’s gonna be a great year!

~Happy New Year! If you’re not in to making New Year’s resolutions, take a cue from doggies everywhere and keep it simple. Or better yet, save yourself the stress and just keep being awesome!~


25 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Resolutions

  1. I’ve not made any resolutions for more years than I care to remember, but from this point on I will make an exception: to reduce the amount of plastic I buy/use and to be more ‘earth conscious’ for all human- and animal-kind.

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    • Life is great when you’re a dog! You get to just sit there and look adorable, and people will hug you and bring you food and take you for long walks… Actually, this is beginning to sound a little too enticing. πŸ˜›

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