Bigly Bestest Pout and Shout

@thebiglybestestdoggie: What do you mean I’m all done with treats for today? And it’s time for bed?!? That’s it. I will cry and I will pout and I will yell and scream and shout! Oh, but I’d really hate to blow my chances for tomorrow…

~Happy Tuesday, friends! Fear not; The Bigly Bestest Doggie isn’t actually crying, pouting, or shouting; he’s merely enjoying a good yawn after an action-packed day of lying around, being adorable and all that good stuff.~


17 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Pout and Shout

  1. LOL, I can sort of relate – we adopted a kitten a few weeks ago. She HATES when we go to bed, but actually once we’re asleep she’s pretty good until the morning when we get up – she sometimes stays with us on the bed at night but it doesn’t usually last long.

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