Crazy Candy Compulsion

Game Over?

What do you mean, game over?!?

Oh, it’s not like I’m lacking for things to do.

Quite the opposite, actually.

But you’d never know it with the way I’ve been procrastinating.

I’ve got laundry to sort through.

A dishwasher to empty.

Meals to prepare.

Floors to vacuum.

And an assortment of other tasks I’m legitimately forgetting…

Or choose to forget about.

It’s been raining every single day this week.

No sun + tons of rain = no motivation.

I’m behind onΒ everything.

So why not take a break and play a round of Candy Crush?

Or maybe a few hundred rounds, while I’m at it.


I hadn’t played Candy Crush in years.

Yet, this week, I completed over 290 levels in just 3 days.

I don’t know whether to be proud or ashamed for allowing myself to get sucked into such a major time drain.

I might be in need of inspiration.

Or a nap.

But look at all those pretty colors!

It’s candy, for goodness sake!


Besides, the game’s claim of “swiping stress away” is too appealing to pass up.

Ooh, look!

I just earned infinite lives!

For two hours only!

Must. Keep. Playing.

It’s rather unfortunate that domestic pursuits don’t motivate me more.

But no.

The curse of being an Undomestic Goddess.

And every level successfully completed rewards me with a declaration ofΒ Fantastical!

Which should, theoretically, make me feel good about myself.

Except for the fact that I can’t help but question the actual existence of any such word.

Fantastic, yes.

Fantastico, sure.

But fantastical?


When all five of my lives are used up, it’s time to do…

Well, whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing that I clearly would rather not be doing.

Sure, I could buy more lives.

But I won’t.

The offer to buy a little extra “help” is just not that appealing.

I’m not necessarily arguing the fact that I need help.

But my guess is that isn’t the kind of help I probably need.

I rarely download games to my phone.

But I do still have a few on my Kindle.

I’ve been reading the same page of the same book over and over for the last two weeks on that very Kindle.

And Candy Crush was just kind of there

So I’m too distracted for distractions like reading.

But I can play for hours on something that’s meant to be played in short bursts.

Go figure.

Suffice it to say, my priorities are sorely lacking lately.

But I did manage to put up Halloween decorations.

And I also walked the dog during a lull from the rain.

So I managed to do something productive.

Oh, and I also scraped a sticky, melted wad of cherry Starburst out of the dryer.


I may not excel at domestic things.

But at least my problem solving skills are still intact.

Maybe Candy Crush is good for something, after all…

~Happy weekend, friends! So…Β What’s your guilty time-wasting pleasure? Haha!~

Swipe the stress away, huh? It's not like I was doing anything productive, anyway...

Swipe the stress away, huh? It’s not like I was doing anything productive, anyway…


29 thoughts on “Crazy Candy Compulsion

  1. I have intentionally avoided the call of Candy Crush. I put in wayyyy too many hours on it not so many years back. I know that I could easily become sucked back in if I give in to its lure.

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  2. OMG Angelica, you sound just like me. I’m so glad you shared this because here I thought I was the only one that acted that way when I too played Candy Crush. So satisfying to know that there are others out there that exhibit the same experiences that had.

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    • Oh, cool! Maybe we can start our own group! We can call it Candy Crushers Anonymous. Of course, we might need to be able to stop playing the game long enough for the meetings to be productive, so that part might be tricky. 😜

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  3. Yep, Candy Crush every day, plus CCJelly and CCSoda. When we went to Windows10 I lost my most fun games I’d bought and I want so bad to get them back.
    However…playing CC mindlessly gives me good time to think of blog post subjects to write, so that’s something productive? Maybe? haha πŸ™‚

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    • Fortunately, I tend to get hooked on games for a short stretch, and then the urge to play usually passes. Which is great, because by that point, I’ll finally be more motivated to get things done. πŸ˜›


  4. My favorite time waster is staging my stuffed animals in compromising positions and them writing up inappropriate stories to go with them. My next time killing project will be trying to chew the strings off of my straitjacket…

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    • Oh, don’t get me started on Tetris! My senior year in high school, I had downloaded Tetris to my graphing calculator for Calculus. Needless to say, playing Tetris throughout the entire school day took precedent over everything else. I’d start a game at the beginning of the school day, and pause only to dash from one class to the next before continuing my all-important game. I’m honestly not sure how I managed to keep my grades up so well, or learn anything at all, for that matter. πŸ˜›


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