Bigly Bestest Rumbly Tummy

@thebiglybestestdoggie: What is that scrumptious scent? Sure doesn’t smell like my usual crunchy crap doggie chow. And I sure could use a change of pace, ya know. So please tell me it’s a yummy meal for me and not just one of those deceptive scented candles…

I can practically taste my soon-to-be feast. Let's just hope it's actually food...

I can practically taste my soon-to-be feast. Let’s just hope it’s actually food…

~Happy Tuesday, friends! Lucky for Jett, it turned out that wasn’t merely a chicken-scented candle after all.~


22 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Rumbly Tummy

    • A chicken scented candle would be a perfectly fine idea… in somebody else’s house. As a vegetarian myself, I prefer less meaty fragrances. πŸ˜›

      Have a terrific weekend! πŸ™‚


  1. I am totally trademarking “Crunchy Crap Doggie Chow” as a brand name. I think I’ll position it on the shelf next to Walmart’s Old Roy brand which sells for like $9.95 for 50 pounds. I’ll undercut Old Roy. I’ll put a photo of Jett on the bag to thank him for this brilliant retail idea.

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    • Crunchy Crap Doggie Chow… your dog might not like it much, but your wallet sure will! πŸ˜›

      Jett’s only stipulation is that he gets to choose the photo that will go on the product. He’d hate to be immortalized with an image of himself lifting a leg to a high-voltage box or something equally unflattering.


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