Hotel Hostility

Oh, the joys of travelling. What’s not to love about a quick getaway?

I mean, aside from the hassle of going to the airport and inevitably receiving a rather unsettling pat-down for setting off the metal detector, only to then discover your flight has been delayed indefinitely.

Fun, right?

With the flight already booked, finding a decent hotel is usually the easy part. Or so I had thought.

A thorough scan of area hotels pretty well settles which hotel I’ll be staying at, based on price and ratings. I would’ve booked right then and there, but then life intervened.

As usual.

I can’t help feeling like I’ve been seriously bamboozled.

A whopping 32% price increase overnight? And all the other hotels in the area had followed suit. Still, I proceeded with the reservation. The location was the most ideal, and the other options weren’t any more promising.

Even so, I’ve got a tad bit of hard feelings about the whole ordeal.

So, I’ve devised a plan to get my money’s worth.

After carefully perusing the hotel’s website, I’ve taken note of all the available amenities. And by all, I mean ALL.

In addition to utilizing every toiletry and object in the room that will be provided for my comfort, I fully intend to capitalize on the rest of the hotel’s offerings.

There are the typical features nearly every hotel room boasts. Then there are some that are more baffling, verbatim from the hotel website:

-Waterpik showerheads (isn’t that some sort of toothbrush company?)

-Clean and Fresh beds (as opposed to the standard filth other hotels offer, I suppose?)

-Ergonomic desk chair (does it spin? Please tell me it spins!)

-Fluffy towels (as opposed to the threadbare variety?)

Complimentary high speed internet will ensure I can spend every moment in the hotel “connected” while a big screen HD TV will spare my eyes the misery of a substandard channel surfing experience.

All rooms are equipped with coffee makers and a few packs of complimentary coffee, but I’ll be sure to drink only the coffee in the hotel lobby and pack the in-room coffee, cream, and sugar. Maybe even the paper cups too, for good measure.

The complimentary hot breakfast is definitely an asset, too. So I’ll plan to arrive early and attempt to eat an entire day’s worth of food in one lump sum (breakfast lasts a generous three hours, so I think this is doable).

After all, I can work some of it off later in the conveniently located Fitness Room.

I’ll probably need to do some time in there anyway to keep my energy level up, because utilizing all the hotel’s amenities will likely leave very little time for sleep.

But that’s nothing a snooze on the 2 ½ hour flight back home the next day won’t remedy.

Now for the biggest perk: Service animals allowed!

Let me just clarify something. Under normal circumstances, I don’t require any such assistance. I’m in perfectly good condition.

However, for the joy of adding to the inconvenience factor, this would certainly make things more interesting.

I don’t even particularly love animals, but it’s the principle of the matter at stake here.

The way I see it, there are two options:

1. Travel with someone who requires a service animal, preferably a companion with a horse-sized dog

2. Wait to see if the latest spider bite on my leg flares up to the usual debilitating swollen mess of a limb that typically afflicts me after being bitten, then proceed to secure my new best friend for this trip. (This is my preferred method, as I already have a name picked out for my horse-dog friend.)

As an added benefit, this dog will help me utilize even more of the hotel’s features.

Vengeance (Vengie, for short) might like to take a few laps in the pool, then dry off with the “fluffy towels” after a nice soak in the tub.

And the complimentary printing services might come in handy, too. I’ll print extra boarding passes, in case Vengie eats the first few copies.

After a busy day of using and abusing every last amenity offered, I’ll settle down in my room with yet another cup of coffee while spinning in the ergonomic desk chair while watching high-quality television on a mammoth crystal-clear screen.

When the next round of caffeine kicks in, I envision finishing off the night by using the extra rolls of toilet paper and the hangers in the closet to create a mummy.

Then I’d set the mummy up in the middle of the room with the ironing board so that it’ll appear to be doing something productive.

I hope the service dog won’t attack it.

Oh, but I really should at least lay down in that bed for a few minutes. Otherwise, I definitely won’t get my full money’s worth.

I wonder if Tylenol is complementary, too?

Good God. I’m exhausted already, and my trip is still several weeks away.

You know, I have this nagging feeling I’ve lost sight of the purpose of any of this.

Perhaps I should start planning a pre-getaway getaway ASAP …

Now that's what I call a travel companion.

Now that’s what I call a travel companion.


11 thoughts on “Hotel Hostility

  1. Great and funny post. I’ll reblog it later this week. My husband had COPD, which means he couldn’t breath well, and he would carry our cockapoo doglet around with him calling it his ‘breathing air dog’. Argue with that if you dare!!!


  2. I don’t think you’ll have time for anything else except spinning in the chair. You’ll eat to get energy, and hit the gym…but seriously, you’ll be thinking about the chair.

    You’ll run back to the room to find your service dog, Vengi, will be attempting to spin himself on the chair too… and he’ll growl and might chase you out of the room. (so careful with that.)


    • That’s very true. I suppose the spinning chair could easily become an issue, on multiple counts. Especially when there’s a risk of my loyal friend Vengie turning on me…

      I could buy my own chair, but then that would defeat the whole purpose of getting my money’s worth at the overpriced hotel. What to do?


  3. It is illegal to have a fake service animal and you can get sentenced for six months in prison. And only miniature horses and dogs are covered as service animals by the ADA law. Service animals are also not allowed to use public facilities like pools. Their purpose is to care for their handler by mitigating a disability and is not supposed be in the way at all.


  4. My Mom always believed that anything in a hotel room that is not bolted or tied down is an “amenity” and should be taken home if you want to get your money’s worth. I think she is singlehandedly responsible for the fact that you can’t set foot inside a hotel now without swiping a credit card for a deposit…

    And as I’ve picked up from my retail job, any animal can be considered a “service animal” if the customer says that it is. You can walk in Walmart with a tiger on a leash, and there’s nothing we can do about it if you say it’s a service animal. Well, I guess we could call animal control if it starts eating small children…


    • Come to think of it, I have seen some rather unlikely service animals in the past. Like that one crotch-sniffing pit bull I saw at work a few years back.

      Personally, I’m holding out for a slightly more unusual choice for a service animal. I’m thinking possibly a cheetah, coyote, or chimp. Or maybe even a kangaroo… That does sound like an adventure waiting to happen. 😀


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