The Unfunny One

Yesterday is history.

Tomorrow is a mystery.

 But today is a gift.

That is why it is called the present.

In a world full of inhumanity, illness, and injustice, sometimes it’s downright challenging to be grateful for all that is good.

But I truly believe that’s when it’s especially important to put forth all the effort you can muster toward finding reason to smile.

Nobody is 100% happy, 100% of the time. It’s not humanly possible.

But you can choose to wallow in your misery or can choose to find the good, sometimes even humor, in whatever situation life throws your way.

Don’t get me wrong, some things are only funny in retrospect. And some things are never funny at all. But no matter what, always look for the good in life. Sometimes you really have to search hard, but it’s always there.

The challenges you face in life may serve as a test, and may well impart priceless lessons of wisdom. Sometimes, just sometimes, the trials and tribulations in life can turn out to be unexpected blessings. So always have hope.

Life is full of hardship and grief, of struggle and defeat, but also of happiness and hope.

You thought I was kidding about finding humor in unexpected places, didn't you?

You thought I was kidding about finding humor in unexpected places, didn’t you?


8 thoughts on “The Unfunny One

  1. I agree completely! Some of my funniest stories are things that I was quite unhappy about at the time they happened. And even when things suck, I still use my naturally warped sense of humor to help get me through the crappy times.

    It also helps that I don’t watch the news anymore. It seems they want you to believe the world is the most terrible, awfullest place you could possibly imagine. But for every horrific thing that happens in the world, there are thousands of other good things that are going on outside of the spotlight…


    • A warped sense of humor really goes a long way, doesn’t it? I consider myself very fortunate that I, too, am gifted with this type of humor.

      The news is something that I avoid like the plague. Don’t get my wrong, I do like to stay informed of world events. But I like to do so on my own terms- online, where I can decide what I feel like clicking on, not what FOX news decides to dramatically shove down my throat.


  2. My mom always said to cry once in a while is healthy, especially if it’s the death of a loved one. However, you have to learn to laugh in the worst of cases or you’ll spend your entire life crying. The decision is up to you and at some point, you have to decide. Up until the age of 8, life was pretty tough for us and that was a lot of reality for a kid. Living with my dad wasn’t good, the divorce, and then single parent. My mom couldn’t make ends meet, and back then the cheaper apartments didn’t allow kids. (thankfully, new laws have prevented that) Anyway, food was scarce, credit cards maxed, etc. Those were dark, difficult times before my stepdad came along… 4th grade life was finally normal. Anything prior to that, dreadful. Just existed.

    Outside of extreme cases like terrorist attacks and natural disasters, serial killers, mass murders etc.: In general, It’s easy to view things in a negative way and find a lot of bad in the world. With today’s social media and news, we’re flooded with it. The trick is looking for the good. If you seek, you’ll find. Sometimes it’s a little challenging, and sometimes it’s all perspective and sometimes it just plain sucks and we need time to heal.



    • I wholeheartedly agree. Sure, there are going to be those moments where there’s no choice but to allow that dam to burst. After all, we are human beings, not robots. But definitely you’ve got to ultimately chose happiness over misery, and always believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

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      • Yes! My mom met her long-time boyfriend that was my step dad. They began dating when I was in 3rd grade. Bought a house together when I was in 4th grade and then got married when I was a sophomore… and are still together, living in the same house I did since 4th grade. But my early-early development years were pretty dark, with some sunshine moments mixed in occasionally. That’s party of my awesome dry-sense of humor and positive attitude. Things could always be worse. I can’t imagine what a single parent goes through these days. (with no help)


      • I’m so glad things worked out well for you. The things we experience in life, no matter how challenging the situation, definitely shape us. I also have that dry sense of humor, paradoxically paired up with a positive outlook. It usually serves me well. 🙂

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