Breakfast of the Excessively Happy

Some call it dessert.

Others call it breakfast.

And really, why the hell not?

After all, people eat pizza for breakfast and pancakes for dinner all the time.

And hot chocolate whenever the mood strikes, for that matter.

Yeah, I’m not really grasping the issue here.

The way I see it, why not set yourself up for success by starting off the day in a good mood?

If it’s a workday, you probably need all the help you can get, anyway.

Especially when Irish coffee simply isn’t an option.

So go ahead.

As Marie Antoinette (or more likely, Jean-Jacques Rousseau) allegedly declared:

“Let them eat cake.”

Sounds good to me!

Don't give me that "What's the occassion?" nonsense.

Don’t give me that “What’s the occasion?” nonsense.


8 thoughts on “Breakfast of the Excessively Happy

    • As attractive as that cake looks, I have to admit, I’d be terrified myself to ingest such an insane amount of artificial goodness.

      For that reason, I’d be more tempted to just pour a mixture of baking soda and vinegar on top of the whole thing and watch it produce a super cool firework display. In someone else’s kitchen, of course. (I ain’t cleaning that mess.) 😀


  1. I think you should have whatever the heck you want anytime the mood strikes. Sometimes I feel like pancakes for breakfast and other times for dinner. I’ve been known to have cold pizza at dawn and hot pizza at dusk. Cake has to be all-purpose, all-day too. I mean…it’s cake! (love that one in the picture!)


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