(Un)Season’s Greetings

I’ve never been one to jump the gun by celebrating one holiday well before the arrival of another.

Christmas before Thanksgiving especially comes to mind.

Or worse, Christmas before Halloween.

I’ve always groaned about the tactless “half and half” aisles that retail stores seem so fond of. You know, one side of the aisle stocked with Halloween costumes…directly across from the Christmas wreaths.

In September.

But this morning, I awoke with fierce determination.

The ground outside was just the right consistency from the sprinklers.

This would inevitably mean a lot less time and effort required for aggressively whacking Christmassy deer, trains, and polar bears into the stubborn, clay-like soil with a mallet in front of all my neighbors.

After all, nothing says Christmas cheer like the sound of a mallet penetrating the earth.

The weather was another selling point. Miserably gray, but unseasonably warm. And with the forecast from here on out predicting storms, storms, and more storms…how could I possibly resist this golden opportunity?

As I hauled out heaps of mangled décor and tangled extension cords onto the front lawn, I noticed my poor firefighter neighbor looking on apprehensively.

And rightfully so.

Last year, he witnessed firsthand what happens when a determined caffeine buzzed crazed girl with a mallet and dozens of Christmas decorations gets down to business moments before sunset.

Then a few days later, he also happened to observe us accidentally plowing right over the candy cane path markers with our truck. In our own driveway.

Last week, I discovered a business card by my front door for Christmas Light Installation by Local Firefighters!

Coincidence? I think not.

So what if it’s a tad bit early in the season to be decorating?

Big deal.

A little light never hurt anyone.

Unless that source of “light” happens to be lightning. Or a malfunctioning power outlet. In which case, yeah, electrocution probably does hurt.

And it’s not very festive.


Happy (early) Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good night!

This was the lucky pardoned turkey. He 's now determined to spread some serious holiday cheer.

This was the “lucky” pardoned turkey. He ‘s now being forced to spread holiday cheer.


6 thoughts on “(Un)Season’s Greetings

  1. Proud of you girl! And since you are going to be coming this way soon, I can use your expertise of hanging x-mas lights. Josh has officially left me alone in this area and desperately need a “partner in crime”. Think about it….you’ll get free coffee!!!


    • If you come get me, I’ll help!!! I do hope you mean lawn decoration lights… I have yet to test my luck draping lights on the roof while dangling off a very tall ladder. 😀 Can’t wait to see you!


  2. For much of this century, it became trendy for houses to start decorating for Christmas immediately after Halloween, but this post just made me realize I haven’t seen ANY house decked up for Xmas yet this year. Being a bah humbug, it’s not one of my things anyway. I can’t even be bothered to get the leaves out of my gutters, let alone hang lights!


    • Putting lights up tends to be an exercise in futility. It’s only in the last few years I even started doing this… For my boys. It’s a pain in the butt getting everything set up, but it’s worth it in the end. And then it’s time to pull it all down again. Sigh…


  3. My wife and I remain vigilant Holidays don’t overrun each other. Sort of. We enjoy Halloween so much it gets decorated only after Fall officially begins. We also go generic with Autumnal themes on the decorations so they can also apply/stay out throughout November, serving as Thanksgiving decorations as well. Everyone in our development pretty much waits until Black Friday to begin taking down whatever has been/is up and up go their Christmas decorations. We do the same, giving Thanksgiving its due. That being said we’re like two kids at Christmas come Black Friday. The outdoor wreaths and garland are bought and hung up within the next day or two. Only bad weather causes any delay. One thing we are “guilty” of is lights. We love leaving our Christmas lights up even after those wreaths and garland all come down the first week in January. At that point the outdoor lights are referred to internally as “Winter” lights and as long as the weather stays cold those lights remain in place outside draped around our little tree and our robust holly bushes…keeping the warm feeling of Christmas going just awhile longer. A little light really doesn’t hurt anyone…a little longer. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…and all followers of ComicallyQuirky!


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