Marginal New Year’s Motivation

Happy (almost) New Year!

Speaking of the new year…

I don’t have any New Year’s resolutions.

And I’m far too exhausted from all the…fun and excitement…of 2016 to make any right now.

At any rate, here are a dozen useful pieces of New Year’s resolution advice to start the year off with a bang:


(Having realistic goals and expectations will help start the new year off right and prevent you from being an instant failure two days in to the year.)


(That’s the spirit! Way to embrace your amazing self, imperfections and all.)


(If you make any resolutions at all this coming year, this ought to be it.)


(This is a great way to take the pressure off. If you succeed in somehow bettering yourself, great. If you don’t, nothing lost. It’s a win-win!)


(Go big or go home, right? So why not aim to fail in the grandest of manners?)


(Ah, so that’s what all the fuss is about? A week-long To Do list? When you look at it that way, it really doesn’t sound so daunting.)


(What a terrific idea! Everything about it has the makings of a successful business concept.)


(For those of you with kids, it is particularly imperative to set goals that are practical, attainable, and won’t drive you to drinking in the event of miserly defeat.)


(Nothing beats the feeling of knowing that all your friends are rooting for your failure. Oh well. Who needs them, anyway? The resolutions, that is. Not the friends. Friends are good. Well, mostly.)


(Some of us struggle with being able to identify realistic goals. It happens. Fortunately, there’s always someone who’s eager to help set the record straight.)


(Hey, now! Being a smart-ass is a talent, not a bad vice that needs to be obliterated. Geez!)


(Now this I can handle! Being awesome is…well, awesome! Always choose to be awesome.)

Whether or not you end up making any resolutions for the new year, just remember this:

Stay positive, keep smiling, and always try to find the humor in whatever life throws your way.

~Happy Friday, friends! Best wishes for a bright and prosperous 2017!~


41 thoughts on “Marginal New Year’s Motivation

  1. I usually wait until December 31st around 11:45 to make a list of resolutions like…”Stay up until midnight at least one night” or “Get to bed before midnight.” I find that the pressure of waiting almost ensures I’ll succeed.

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  2. That is the most quirky New Year post I have read! Loved the pic that termed resolutions as ‘casual promises that I am under no legal obligation to fulfill’
    I am not one to resolve to perform a set of prescribed tasks that I have made in the thrill of a New Year, I would rather take one day at a time.
    Wishing you all happiness, joy, and hope to see many more quirky posts!

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  3. Hey I hope you doing good. Thank you for the support you’ve given for my previous blog: Playing with words and I’m coming up with it’s site now expecting the same support. I am working on my new website and coming up readily with it this month. I would be glad if you be my guest writer. You will be given full credits of your work and I’ll send you link showing up your post under your name on my website once I finish setting up my site. My categories are: Short story, poetry, any real life incident or story, technology or lifestyle article. You can mail me at if interested. Expecting an early response. Happy new year. Stay blessed. Keep writing. Have a nice day 🙂

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