Going La-La-Loco

I don’t know if there’s such thing as a good kind of crazy…

Or if crazy is just crazy.

All I know is I’m kind of pissed and frustrated with myself.

Up until now, I’ve prided myself on writing a blog post every single week, come hell or high water.

And last week?

Well, I’m not entirely sure what happened.

I wasn’t on some fabulous island getaway or anything fun like that.

The thing is, I had a humorous topic and all these great ideas…

But it just wasn’t coming together.

And I simply refuse to hit publish on something that is total crap.

So here we are.

Quirky’s gone crazy.

Chalk it up to exhaustion, mental block, or a temporary lack of motivation.

It happens to the best of us, I suppose.

The sad reality is that there’s no luxury afforded for the nervous breakdown I am perfectly entitled to.

But rather than sit and dwell on this disappointment, let’s take a moment to find the humor in insanity, shall we?

(Truth be told, you’re probably better off not coming along for the ride. But at least you’d be going with someone with a warped sense of humor, so that’s gotta be pretty enticing…)

(It never hurts to have a friendly face on your journey to insanity!)

(Going cuckoo in the grandest manner possible? Now that’s impressive!)

(Hmmm. Is it really that obvious?)

(It’s like haunted Halloween maze meets acid trip glow party in here!)

(Losing your mind is one thing. But literally losing control is a far greater issue, as far as I’m concerned.)

(Always, always a silver lining.)

(Team work is dream work, or so they say…)

(Discussing your inner crazy with outer crazy is guaranteed to be a fascinating, if not exactly productive, conversation.)Β 

(Going ballistic is surprisingly exhausting.)

(I can’t decide whether to be envious or to feel pity for such individuals.)

Sure, I may be one step away from going off the deep end some days.

But at least I’m not in straitjacket territory.


Disappointment, overwhelment, and moments of failure are inevitable parts of life.

You get through it and you keep going.

Because that’s just what you do.

Things aren’t always going to go exactly as planned.

Life happens.

Plots change.

So just take a deep breath…

And remember…

You are awesome!

And maybe just a tiny bit crazy, too.

But that’s probably not such a bad thing…

Is it?

~Happy last Friday of the month! Hope your weekend is crazy… in the very best way possible, of course!~


29 thoughts on “Going La-La-Loco

  1. I had assumed you were living it up somewhere last week as well! Since you only post once a week, and usually on the same day, it’s easy for me to notice when there’s nothing there. You could always make it up down the line like I am my comics I got behind on this month! Maybe a surprise Tuesday post of extra craziness….

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    • Yes, I noticed you cranked out an entire month’s worth of comics in one day! πŸ˜„ I was actually thinking about trying to catch up on an off day, so we shall if I manage to pull it off one of these weeks…


  2. Loved the crazy funnies! Re: the weekly posts, we all blank out sometimes or have a dry well or nothing to say. Go do something fun, take a long walk, whatever. Maybe something memorable will happen. Like this one time, hubby and I took our dogs with us to the local dairy freeze because they give out little free puppy cones if you order something. So, after the dogs ate their treat, my hubby held his extra-large soft-serve cone out to the Labrador and invited him to have a lick. No kidding, the dog snatched the whole thing and ate it in one bite. Have you ever seen a dog with brain-freeze? πŸ™‚

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  3. Oh my God Angelica, and here I thought I was the only one to feel that way. I try to pride myself on writing something once a week too and sometimes the well just runs dry. I’m grasping on straws just trying to come up with anything hoping it won’t turn out like crap. But the way I feel is that writing is still writing, whether it be our best or our worst. That’s the only way we get better…and being crazy just adds that special spice to our inner voice. Keep writing and stay crazy!

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  4. I’ll join you, I’m one brick shy of a load (everyday) πŸ™ƒ I just laugh at myself at the end of the day and move on (wait… does that make me look even crazier??) anyway… we all have those moments, gotta find the humor in it, you definitely got it, you’ll be alright.
    Have a bless day.

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    • Haha! Welcome to the club! It’s so nice to have company. πŸ˜„

      Laughing at yourself and moving on is what keeps a person from going full-on loco. Some level of crazy is perfectly good, but crazy-crazy is a tad bit too crazy. 😜

      Have an awesome weekend!


    • Oh, I’m not lacking in topics. I’ve got a never-ending running list of quirky ideas. 😝 My frustration stems from the best of ideas not quite coming together just right, and being unable to give a piece due attention from time constraints and other chaotic elements of life to properly do it justice.

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  5. Unless you were born a stepford child (from the 1972 movie Stepford Wives) I defy ANYONE to go through life and not discover the world of temporary lunacy!
    My biggest concern, however, was your comment, “Plots change.” Doesn’t this create confusion when people head to the cemetery to visit those who have passed on. Seems like those responsible for participating in these changing plots would unnecessarily add to the excessive lunacy we already face! πŸ˜€

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    • Fortunately, those types of plots are far less likely to play musical chairs than written verbiage. The level of insanity involved in such calamity would be beyond any other level of insanity known to mankind. 😝

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