A Highly Dysfunctional Hillbilly Christmas Playlist

Who doesn’t love a good parody?

I know I certainly do.

So I decided to put a slight spin on some of the traditional classics to create a slightly more, uh… modern Christmas playlist.

With catchy titles like these, they’re bound to be instant classics!


A Highly Dysfunctional Hillbilly Christmas Playlist!

1) Santa Claus Ain’t Coming to This Town

2) Angels We Have Heard Are High

3) Feliz Navi-D’oh!

4) O Come All Ye Ungrateful

5) Santa Got Run over by a Bulldozer (for Having the Audacity to Put Me on the Naughty List)

6) Here Come Satan’s Claws

7) O Holy Fright

8) Frosty the Know-It-All Man

9)  Jingle Hell Rock

10)  Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (in Timeout!)

11) All I Want for Christmas Is Juice 

12) The Twelve Days of Excessive Greed

13) Deck the Brother/Wife/Neighbor

14) Black and Blue Christmas

15) I Saw Mommy Chasing Santa Claus (out of the trailer with a shotgun)

16) Holy Crap! The Herald Angels Shriek

17) Do You Hear What I Hear? (Sirens again?!?)

18) You’re a Mean One, Mr. Police Officer

19) It’s Beginning to Look a Lot like the Aftermath of an Apocalypse

20) Where are You Christmas? (No, really. Where the hell are you?)

~Happy Friday, friends! Hope you all enjoyed this delightfully warped spin on the same ol’ ho-hum holiday classics. Have a terrific weekend!~

Way to totally sleigh ( I mean, slay) a Christmas classic.

Way to totally sleigh ( I mean, slay) a Christmas classic.

*A Highly Dysfunctional Hillbilly Christmas Playlist originally appeared on Comically Quirky on 12/17/2015


36 thoughts on “A Highly Dysfunctional Hillbilly Christmas Playlist

  1. Oh you are totally warped but I love it. 😃 I could definitely sense a theme happening with 12,13,14 onwards. Decking the neighbors, turning black and blue, police coming …you could turn it into a warped Christmas movie. Thanks for the laughs. 🎄🙂

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  2. Yesterday found me at a Christmas concert at the senior’s apartment complex where my Mom lives and some sweet older gentleman changed the words to a well-known Christmas song which I did not expect and which I won’t forget! Your playlist has come at just the right moment leaving me chuckling once again…there must be something in the air!

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  3. If there really were a highly dysfuctional hillbilly Christmas playlist, I’m pretty sure that’s what we would be playing on the speakers at Mecca this time of the year.

    I can always tell when the shopping days are dwindling down to single digits… almost every shopper who trickled in at 6 AM when we opened this morning was still in their jammies. I ain’t got time to get dressed, I have to spend all day shopping for other people!!!!

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    • Haha! I’m sure this playlist would be a hit with the Can’t Be Bothered to Put on Real Pants crowd. But seriously… what’s up with that? Don’t people know there’s a special (virtual) place for pj-clad shoppers? But alas, I guess online shopping doesn’t have the same appeal as rolling out the bed and hopping right in the car to go someplace where you can shamelessly strut around in your jammies while filling a real cart with a variety of crap… I mean gifts, for what are bound to be ungrateful recipients anyway. 😜


    • I’m so glad you were able to end your week with laughter! I think one of the most rewarding aspects of quirkiness is the ability to see things from a slightly more… shall we say, unorthodox perspective. 😝

      Have a great weekend!


  4. SHHHHHH, everybody quiet!! ….now dear, we can (and want to) help you. Apparently a bad gene found its way into your chromosomes resulting in this (how do we say) unusual view of the coming holiday. We have the science and technology to fix it, but you have to say nay nay to satan first. You also need to understand that dissing Santa Claus 10 days before Christmas has potential serious consequences including (but not limited to,) (1) the resurrection of that new car BACK TO THE DEALERSHIP, (2) the conversion of that new beautiful diamond into its diamonique cousin, (3) the oh holy cry for ritalin to balance the A.D.D. behavior soon to rear its face on christmas morning, and finally, (4) Joy to the World (I mean wealthy) blessed with the gift of lower taxes (maybe) without having to raise wages by 1 cent.
    When I think of these four consequences and the many more unmentioned, it really brings out the holiday spirit in me! 😀

    Loved, loved, loved your parodies. Laughed incessantly!!
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

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