Bigly Bestest Super Bowl

@thebiglybestestdoggie:  Almost Super Bowl time! Just not sure who to root for. Cousin Chloe looks like a Furrydelphia Beagle, but Daddy seems to like the Chewingland Pupriots. BTW, does “Super Bowl” mean I’ll be getting a super big bowl of food for dinner?  Please tell me it does!

This doesn't look like much of a "super bowl". Am I supposed to eat this thing or what?

This doesn’t look like much of a “Super Bowl”. Am I supposed to eat this thing or what?

~Happy Tuesday! Poor Jett was disappointed to realize the Super Bowl does not actually have anything to do with his meal portions. However, he is excitedly awaiting kick off so he can go catch that ball and play some fetch. Go, Jett! Go!~


16 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Super Bowl

    • Haha! Jett says that he might consider being a Jets fan, with the stipulation that they add a second “t” since they clearly haven’t mastered the art of spelling. But maybe not even then. I personally prefer the Giants over the one-t Jets. 😁


      • Just let Jett know that Chewingland was originally known as “the dark side.” Team Beagle has “the force” on their side attracting many breads with love, embracing support and most importantly unlimited amounts of bacon! You may also want to inform Jett that “half time” will offer unsupervised group walks for those joining Team Beagle. Just saying….

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      • Well, there’s a cheap shot. We both know Jett would be hard pressed to pass up a rare and exhilarating opportunity to enjoy an unsupervised walk around town. Or the neighborhood. Or even just out the front door…

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