Howling Halloween Hysterics

Trick or treat!

It’s almost Halloween!

Sure, candy is fun and all.

But humor is far more satisfying.

And less likely to make you puke.

So here we go:

(Gives new meaning to selling one’s soul for something, doesn’t it? Looks like candy might have some virtues after all.)

(The unfortunate unraveling of a mummy. Shouldn’t he know bathrooms are a dangerous place for fellows like him?)

(GPS is simply incapable of safely guiding people to their destinations. Even a flying witch isn’t exempt from crappy directions.)

(This one gets my vote for best themed costume idea in the least ideal setting.)

(A mind is not to be wasted, whether in your head or on your plate.)

(Consider it unintentionally decorating, if you must. It’s a fine way to embrace the mess!)

(Because you can never have too much of a good thing. Even if it means eating yourself sick.)

(Kids these days are so freaking hard to please. Perhaps a nice homemade blood-of-bat stew would suffice?)

(This is almost sad. Hey, I said almost. Geez!)

(It’s no secret kids can be every bit as destructive as termites.)

(Eye rolling. It’s not just for teenagers anymore.)

(While still taboo, pumpkin cannibalism is becoming an increasingly prevalent issue.)

(Aww! I mean… Augh! I am so very, very scared!)

~Happy Friday, friends! Have a great weekend, and a fun Halloween!~


18 thoughts on “Howling Halloween Hysterics

  1. I’ve given out candy from Valentines Day and Easter I bought on clearance and never finished off before. I cleaned out my computer room a couple weeks ago and came across a bonanza of bags of candy I’d never even opened. Only several….. um….. years expired. I coulda saved it for the big night, but thought that might be pushing the limits of good taste (and child safety) and pitched it instead…

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