Bigly Bestest Birthday Ideas

@thebiglybestestdoggie: Today is Daddy’s birthday! I’ve been thinking really hard about gift ideas for him. Should I get Daddy a shiny new squeaky ball? Or maybe he’d like a box of yummy treats? Or perhaps I should try to catch a cuddly Rabbit Friend for him from the backyard? Ooh yeah, I bet he’d like that!

Happy Birthday, Daddy!!!

~Happy Tuesday, friends! Wow, Jett looks like he is ready to paaarty!~


33 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Birthday Ideas

    • Jett is totally a party animal! πŸ˜†

      Oh yes, a fleeting “cool front” that is brought on by downpouring rain, only to be replaced by overbearing humidity that makes a person feel as though they just crawled out of a swamp. Gotta love summer! πŸ˜‚

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    • Ooh, such excellent suggestions! All the more so because these are things Jett has experience in. I mean, he’s not a cat, but he does sometimes have that hairball-hack thing going on. Now he just needs to work on perfecting his gift wrapping skills and he’ll be all set@


    • Heyyy Rachel! The Bigly Bestest’s birthday is right around the corner too, so he will have his turn in just a few short weeks! And he is always such an adorable birthday boy. Eh, who am I kidding- he’s always adorable! 😝

      Hope everything is going well for you! I know you’re always up to some exciting adventures, and I love seeing all the photos!


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