Bigly Bestest Coned Duo

@thebiglybestestdoggie: OMG! OMG! Momma coned the kid too! Wait, what? He’s willingly wearing that thing?  In support of me?? Oh, that’s really sweet…

Whoa! What the heck just happened?

~Happy Tuesday, friends! Jett continues to improve a little more each day… and with any luck, he’ll be free from his stylish blue cone in just a few more days. Woo hoo!~


30 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Coned Duo

    • Thanks, Debbie. Jett tore his ACL back in February, and had surgery last month. It’s been a rollercoaster road to recovery, but I’m hoping we are finally on the right track. Hope you are doing well ❤


    • That is one of the best-timed photos I’d ever taken in my life. 😂

      Jett’s leg seems to be healing well, but now that he’s been off the painkillers a few days, he’s looking more uncomfortable. But overall, he’s been doing fairly well 🙂

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    • Thanks for that awesome idea- I need to get working on inventing the Cone of Silence ASAP! Just think- the value of such a device surely would increase exponentially during times of uncertainty and insanity. Like the present… :/


    • Haha! Now, why would you think I’d purposely cone my child? Sure, we’ve been trapped together almost 24/7 for the last however many zillion weeks…

      On second thought, I can absolutely see why you might think that. 😛


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