The Logic of Lisa

She isn’t cool like Bart, adorable like Maggie, or tolerant like Marge.

Or half-baked like Homer.

She may not be the most charismatic or even overly likable, for that matter.

But you’ve got to admit, she has more brain cells than Bart, Maggie, Marge, and Homer.


Lisa Simpson: the vegetarian, overachieving, saxophone-playing middle child.

And boy, does she have sarcasm down to an art.

She’s a total smart-ass. Deadpanning is as much her strength as her intelligence.

Presenting ten of Lisa’s finest moments of sassy and witty wisdom:

lisa simpson not a frown

(I do believe this is the new politically correct term for Not Happy.)

(lisa simpson romance dead

(Hence the term Hallmark Holiday. No moolah equals no love, don’t ya know?)

lisa simpson popular girl

(I know, I know. Life is sooo unfair.)

lisa simpson words of encourage

( Homer and Marge have been trying for years to be slightly-better-than-totally-horrible parents.)

lisa simpson goody two shoes

(Proof that even those Goody Two Shoes have skeletons in their closets.)

lisa simpson envy and help

(If this isn’t the World’s Most Perfect Family, I’m at a total loss.)

lisa simpson psychiatrist

(Surely just a minor drawback of being part of a dysfunctional family.)

lisa simpson pain and drudgery

(Depressing, yes. But also poignantly true.)

lisa simpson book n beers

(She’s obviously referencing Homer, not me. Hey, I don’t even like beer!)

lisa simpson silent fool

(My personal favorite. Attributed to both Abraham Lincoln and Mark Twain, I’m inclined to give Lisa full credit on this one.)

Lisa may not be as well-loved as some of the other Simpsons, but she does have redeeming qualities.

She’s passionate, she cares about the environment, and she actually has morals.

She rebels against societal norms, for goodness sake.

What’s not to love about that?

Yeah, I can definitely relate to Lisa Simpson.

After all, I am a fellow smart-ass and vegetarian, myself.


I, too, have a few more brain cells than the average cartoon character.

~If you’re a fan of The Simpsons and enjoyed this post, please be sure to also check out The Wisdom of Homer. Happy Thursday!~


21 thoughts on “The Logic of Lisa

  1. Love this collection of clever quotes! I used to watch this show so often when I was in high school. Thanks for the reminder that wisdom can be uncovered in the most unlikely places!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! It had been a while since I’d watched The Simpsons, but my older son has been really into it lately. So I’ve been getting a kick out of revisiting all the humorous and quirky moments. It isn’t hard to see why this show has lasted almost 3 decades. 😀

      Hope you are having a wonderful start to the week! 🙂


  2. And yet when I was in high school, every kid was wearing Bart Simpson T-shirts with somewhat less intellectual comments on them. It’s easy to forget that Bart was the most marketable character on the show in its early years… I read somewhere once that had The Simpsons remained on Bart’s level and not transitioned to where Homer became the main star, the series would have ended a long, long time ago….

    Of course, what do I know… this is one of many, many popular shows from the past 25 years that I’ve never watched before! 🙂


    • Good old Bart and his highly dysfunctional ways, offending parents all over the world! Yeah, I’m not sure the show would’ve gone on for close to three decades if Homer didn’t step up and charm Simpsons fans everywhere with his painfully dimwitted antics.


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