Bigly Bestest Halloween

@thebiglybestestdoggie: First Halloween with these crazy people. Made me this weird cape thing. Um, thanks? Yeah, pretty sure I’m being punished for something…

~Happy Halloween! Thanks for joining Jett (a.k.a. The Bigly Bestest Doggie) in the debut of our brand new weekly Tuesday Tails ‘n’ Tweets series as he struggles to make sense of this crazy, quirky world, and the even quirkier and crazier people who surround him…~


27 thoughts on “Bigly Bestest Halloween

    • Sometimes when I look at him, I swear he must be thinking either “Now what?” or “What did I do to deserve this?” 😝

      Fortunately, he’s a pretty good sport overall. I think he must have some inkling that he’s my first dog ever, so he tries to humor me. 😄

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  1. Nice cape, there, Super-Jett! Only time I ever dressed up a dog for Halloween, it was my sister’s. I turned him into “Chippendale Dog” with bow tie, cuffs, and a pair of pants he kept wriggling out of. Go figure. I took him trick-or-treating. I was hoping for candy, but we ended up with a bucket full of dog biscuits–who knew so many people kept them on hand? Just wait ’til Christmas, Jett… reindeer antlers, Santa suits, going down the chimney… 🙂

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    • A Chippendale Dog sounds adorable! 😆

      Would you believe I already have a Christmas nickname for him? I’ve been calling him Jingle Bell Jett since the day we brought him home, because his little metal doggie tags jingle and jangle like bells. Especially when he eats and they rhythmically clang against the side of his bowl as he wolfs it all down in under a minute. 😄

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