Back to School Motivational Deficiency

Well, now.

Isn’t that fascinating?

I just read somewhere that there are hundreds of thousands of words in the English language.


That’s a lot of words.

And with so many word choice possibilities…

I can usually think of something halfway intelligent to say.

Something clever.

Something catchy.

Something smart-assy.

Especially when it comes to writing.

But school started this week.

And, like my boys, I wasn’t really feeling it.

I’d been sick as a dog all week from all the summertime stress.

I mean, fun.

Yeah, summertime fun.

But sending my favorite monsters off with one of my infamous motivational lunch notes for the first day of school was simply a must.

What can I say? I miss my favorite crazy people when they're at school.

What can I say? I miss my favorite crazy people when they’re at school.


Okay, so it wasn’t very subtle.

And it’s only a whopping two words in length.

But I’m not gonna lie.

I kinda like my kids.

(Shhhh! Don’t tell them!)

In the meantime, I’ll be drinking mimosas and sharpening boatloads of pencils while they’re at school.

Gotta get my money’s worth out of that automatic sharpener, right?

Oh, who am I kidding?

I managed to sharpen exactly 32 pencils before my hand cramped up to the point of being virtually nonfunctional.

And then I had to get back to attending to the never-ending mountain of laundry.

Ah, well.

So long, summer fun.

It’s back to business, as usual.


~Happy Friday, friends! And… Happy Birthday to a very special 15 year-old (you know who you are)! Have a terrific weekend, everyone!~


25 thoughts on “Back to School Motivational Deficiency

    • I can’t even imagine how that’s possible! The fact that kids today still use pencils, that’s almost mind boggling. Unless… perhaps she was only allowed to use mechanical pencils to spare her parents the agony of sharpening cases of pencils. 😛

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  1. I loved sharpening my pencil at school. So satisfying..I can still smell the scent of it and I loved the “whir” noise. Memories… Hey I also have a never ending mountain of laundry I am attending to as I blog hop. I bet mine is bigger than yours! lol I would show photos but you would think they were faked.


  2. I want one of those metal hand crank pencil sharpeners that EVERY classroom had attached to the wall somewhere when I was a kid. Those are the ONLY sharpeners I have ever used that actually work like they’re supposed to! Everything else either sharpens only one side of the pencil, neither side of the pencil, or just keeps breaking the lead off…

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    • Oh, I remember those things! They would disrupt the silence (or a rambling teacher), but they were pretty effective. As another blogger suggested, mechanical pencils seem like a less painful alternative to today’s perilous pencil sharpening. 😝


  3. As a childless adult, I feel your pain…. well, not really. 🙂
    Interestingly, there is a sacrifice on both sides of the coin. Those without children absolutely miss out on a piece of life that can’t be reproduced to match the joys (and pains) in any other way. Those with children (and who choose to be responsible parents) must sacrifice part of their lives to truly satisfy the needs of their children. I always say that life is about BALANCE. Whether we have children or not, making sure the needs of our children are met are ALL OF OUR RESPONSIBILITY.

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  4. At least you have an automatic sharpener. Can you believe that our’s broke two days before my kids started school. Had to sharpen those damn things by hand and with that small 1 inch handheld sharpener no less. Next year it’s mechanical pencils for my kids. Hope you’re feeling better Angelica!

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    • I am feeling a little better, thanks! I’ve been sharpening pencils by hand for years, and this automatic one doesn’t seem like much of an improvement. Mechanical pencils… I think you’re on to something. 😄

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  5. Aw I really love this! I KNEW you cared about your kids 🙂 He he.
    And a very happy birthday to your 15 year old.

    I’m looking forward to your many adventures of the school year. You are such a great blogger. I appreciate the humor a lot.
    Debbie ❤

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  6. Okay, so your kids are artists and those 32 pencils include all those crayola colored ones, right?
    Can you count me in with a margarita? I’d love to help with the pencil sharpening – HA!
    Hang in there, you know you’ll be flying free with all your daytime freedom once you get your bearings back.

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    • Ooh, a margarita pencil-sharpening party! That sounds like a blast! 😄

      No, those were just plain old pencils. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a single pack of colored pencils that didn’t come pre-sharpened….

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