Ho Ho… Uh, No

I love holidays.

Truly, I do.

But Christmas decorations and shopping frenzies taking center stage before Thanksgiving?

Or before even Halloween, for that matter?

What’s up with that?

Unless you’re a retailer…

In which case,  the thrill of Back to School/Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year all start in July.

Who needs one holiday at a time? 

Bring ’em on!

Bring ’em ALL on!!!

(Literally. Everywhere. There’s no escape.)

(Because why the hell not, right? It’s never too early, apparently.)

(T’is the season… for what, exactly? It’s getting to be far too confusing anymore.)

(As efficient as Back to School/Halloween/Christmas shopping all at once might seem, this isn’t what I picture when I think about “one stop shopping”.)

(November isn’t technically off-limits for Christmas cheer… but September and October are definitely pushing it.)

(You know what they say- if the bottle ain’t opening, it ain’t time yet. Try again later. Like after Thanksgiving, perhaps.)

(It’s hard to argue with the fact that Thanksgiving is indeed rooted in violence, but it isn’t typically the turkey doing the carving.)

(On the bright side, if you get it all out of the way now, you may be able to avoid getting out of the house again until well after the New Year!)

(What a great way to cover nearly half a year’s worth of holidays under one convenient catchphrase!)

(Well, at least since Halloween is done and Witchy Poo finally got her turn, Santa is now only trying to push his way in front of one other guy…)

(I think it’s safe to say that turkeys everywhere are sick of playing second fiddle to Santa.)

(And it would appear that the Pilgrims are none too pleased, either…)

(Nor is Grumpy Cat. But then, when is he ever in the mood to celebrate anything?)

(But we all have different opinions, and that’s okay. If Darth Vader is feeling the spirit of the season already, more power to him.)

The magic of the season is undeniable.

Even though I’m not entirely sure what season we’re celebrating at the moment…

All I know is that I’m not quite ready for Christmas music or Christmas shopping…

Or even putting up the Christmas tree.

The insanity of the season can wait.

Right now, I’m perfectly content with relishing the delightful crackle of vibrant autumn leaves beneath my feet on a crisp November morning.

Unless, of course, I’m somehow magically gifted with a one way ticket to a remote tropical island.

Then I’m all for it.

Ho ho ho!

~Happy Saturday, friends! Have a terrific weekend!~ 


27 thoughts on “Ho Ho… Uh, No

  1. I’m with you on this one Angelica. It wasn’t even Halloween and the malls here where I live had their Christmas decorations kiosks up already. Like the many mall patrons, I was completely flabbergasted at how they were trying to get the jump on Christmas…but really, before Halloween. What next, Christmas things popping up the day after Labor Day? But bring on the holiday season, I’m ready for it.

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    • I do enjoy the spirit of the season and all the good will and joy that tend to accompany it. But yeah, if we get to the point of Christmas trying to get even more of a head start around Labor Day, I don’t think Merry Thanksgivoween is gonna cut it anymore… 😝

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  2. I’m smiling & nodding “yes”, in fact, just this week, the Grinch movie was on TV way before November 11th! I’ve stopped celebrating the madness of Christmas, instead, I focus on the natural rhythms of the season – lighting candles, decorating with found objects (pinecones, shells, etc.) and enjoying the treats that abound at this time of year! Lately, I try to include a handmade gift amid the odd gifts I pick up from my favourite local stores…it takes practice not to succumb to the glitz and glitter (though I still sprinkle a wee bit of the stuff throughout the apartment!)! I wish you well when you’re ready to jump right in (perhaps there’ll be another Walmart post in the works!)!

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    • I’m not gonna lie- I do enjoy all the glitz and glitter myself. It’s hard not to! Unless you happen to be Scrooge or the Grinch…😁

      But just yesterday evening, I was bombarded with three Christmas commercials in a row. Fortunately, it wasn’t compelling enough to make me jump in the car and go clear out the entire stock of holiday decor at Walmart. 😝

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  3. Ooof. I don’t celebrate Christmas but those around me do so that is that. I am in amongst it like it or not. I would love it if all the material madness stopped. If it someone could buy me a long holiday to a land that has never heard of Christmas at this time I would be in heaven 🙂

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    • The material madness for all holidays has gotten out of hand. I think “the spirit of the season” has come to take on a much different meaning than originally intended. Yeesh.

      Wishing you luck on finding your way to the Land of Nonmaterialistic Happiness! 😄

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  4. The Batman gif always cracks me up. Plenty of stores are decorated with Christmas stores at our end too! Miss being in London right now, where everyone at work would already be talking about Xmas gift shopping. There was always one annoying one who was done with the shopping by November! Lol

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    • It’s Christmas around the world! Even though it’s still a good six weeks away… 😄

      Anyone who has their holiday shopping complete by the start of November is clearly ambitious. Me? I’m not ready for the madness just yet. 😬

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  5. This made me chuckle!! I posted a video on Facebook just yesterday a dog taking a Christmas hat off another dog’s head as a reminder that it’s TOO EARLY for Christmas! I think I’d rather be blissfully ignorant of it for a little while longer, though it’s scary how quickly December is creeping up. You said about all the retailers getting in on it early, but I’m pretty sure I saw the start of Christmas gifts going into one shop up town in the first week of September! What the heck…! xx

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    • You’re absolutely right about Christmas items hitting stores in September! I was blown away by the pumpkins and fall decor mingling with the back to school supplies in July… and as soon as school started, the Christmas decor came out in full swing. It’s insane! And I’m just not ready for this yet! 😜

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  6. You know you’ve spent a LONG time working retail when you find posts like this to be a little weird. I’m like… come on, everyone should know by now the Christmas season starts at midnight Halloween night! And forget that October early sales holiday stuff…. that’s like baseball’s Spring Training! February baseball is just as weird as October Christmas. I do wonder where it all began, though, and I can only think it was when retailers noticed all those way-too-efficient people who were checking off their Christmas shopping lists long before the first cold snap hit. Why anyone would want to decorate for Christmas before December does still puzzle me…. but Christmas shopping is practically a year round activity for a lot of people. Hopefully the Easter Bunny won’t get too upset if he has to hide eggs under the tree one year….

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  7. Perhaps this is a result of the American concept of ‘one-stop shopping’?
    Seriously, tho, we’ve lived in the South for 5 years and here, where it is hot, they start selling ‘fresh cut trees’ in early November. The stand on the main road a few blocks from where we live had the sign up for 2 weeks announcing ‘x-mas trees in on Nov. 14th’ and the lot has all the stands ready for the display. Many trees are up and displayed in homes for all to see a full week before Thanksgiving.
    Now what gets me is not so much the timing of trees to be bought and the fact that if you don’t get one till after Thanksgiving, it’s ‘sorry out of luck’…but the fact that who in the hark-the-herald-angels-sing heavens wants a crispy christmas tree on christmas?!!!
    Oh I forgot, this is the South, where everything is deep fried, and crispy-creamed.
    (thanks for the space to rant without my having to CRAFT a real post)
    BTW: love the pics with Santa hogging (!) his way in front of Tom Turkey.

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    • A crispy Christmas tree sounds perfect! Nothing like a dead tress to bring the spirit and joy of the season! 😄 And yeah, some things are better left unfried. This includes trees AND houses. 😬

      We’ve always had artificial trees, which are fine by me. It’s nice to put it up whenever the mood strikes without fear of harboring a flammable safety hazard come Christmas morning. Besides, it’s more enjoyable opening presents under the tree when the tree isn’t a withering heap of an accident waiting to happen. 😜

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