Reindeer Games

‘Twas the week before Christmas, and all through Santa’s workshop,

 The reindeer were busy plotting mischief and mayhem.

It’s true, Santa gets most of the glory.

But what about those hard-working reindeer?

They shoulder the bulk of the burden, carrying the weight of Santa and his gazillion tons of toys all around the world in a single night.

That’s no small feat, and it’s little wonder those creatures love their reindeer games so much.


(The jolly ol’ dude’s weight has always been a delicate topic, but the reindeer aren’t known for their diplomacy.)


(Hauling Santa’s donut-shoveling corpse around is more strenuous than hauling 386 sacks of toys at once.)


(A GPS can only get you so far, especially when the reindeer have been tampering with it. While this mishap may not be the best example of a good time for all, it probably breaks up the monotony of  a long night.)


(Who can blame these reindeer for wanting to make the most of this opportunity for mischief? Although frankly, I’m surprised Santa doesn’t get himself stuck every single time he crams himself down one of those things.)


(Reindeer work hard and deserve a break! Which evidently involves partying hard and accidentally impaling Santa’s elves…)


(Modern technology has done wonders in taking a huge load off Santa’s back.)


(I believe I can fly! I believe I can touch the… oops, the sky is the other direction! Well, so much for that…)


(While the burden of hauling a five billion-ton sleigh falls on the reindeer, Santa gets his workout by sucking it all in and repeatedly diving in and out of strangers’ chimneys in the middle of the night.)


(Your reindeer are begging you to put that donut down! In the spirit of the holidays, don’t be such a glutton!)


(In such a role reversal, do the reindeer now hop out of the sleigh to slide down chimneys and deliver the toys? Or does Santa still have to do that, in addition to his newly assigned duty of pulling the sleigh?)


(This is one of the sounds of the season, surely?)


(Hey, if the shoe fits… Ho, ho, hole! Merry Christmas!)

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23 thoughts on “Reindeer Games

  1. My childhood vision and fantasies of what Santa’s flight consisted of have been forever altered. I suspect I always held him in higher esteem than I should have. After all, he’s only human…right? As for those reindeer…I knew those guys might be trouble. That phrase “reindeer games” didn’t drop out of the sky did it? Wonderful, “enlightening” post.

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    • For a guy that cares enough to go all around the world to deliver toys to every single (good) boy and girl, it’s funny how we don’t think twice about the grief he inflicts on those poor reindeer along the way. Little wonder reindeer games were created- probably as a sanity saver, and to pass the time. 😛

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  2. You never quite know if you can fly until you take that first leap! That cartoon reminded me of my picture of little Rainbow Donkey pondering that mystery for himself…

    I personally think Santa should get himself a team of unicorns instead of those whiny reindeer. It’s not like it would affect his credibility with those cynical of his existence…

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