Countdown to Colossal Craziness

176 down, 3½  to go!

Days of school, that is. 

My oldest son and I discussed this over breakfast the other morning.

Can you believe it? You only have only a few more days of school! Where has the time gone? 

He thought about it for a moment, before providing his honest input:

Down the toilet?


It’s been yet another enjoyable year of school-related fun, between emails, phone calls, and general chaos as usual.

We’re all tired of the crazed school morning hustles, and afternoons filled with homework that none of us seem to have enough brain cells to sufficiently decipher.

(Hello, Google!)

We all need a break.

I need a break.

It’s so much easier to get myself up and off to work at 3 am than it is to get two zombie kids out of bed and out the door in time for school.

The leftover breakfast carnage of overturned yogurt cups, toast crusts, and banana peels has long gotten old.

And I’m running out of lunch box ideas.

What’s next?

A water bottle and a chocolate bar?

Or maybe that box of powdered sugar that’s been sitting on the counter since last Christmas?

How’s that for a treat?

Well, one thing is for certain:

I may not always know what to pack for lunch, but I sure don’t lack creativity!

In order to remind kids of the high stakes, it's often helpful to add subtly veiled threats directed at mythological creatures.

In order to remind kids of the high stakes, it’s often helpful to add subtly veiled threats directed at mythological creatures.

Nothing spreads joy (or concern) faster than my good old lunch notes!

(Run, unicorns! Run!)


We survived!

Well, almost….

~Happy Friday, everyone! For those of you with school-aged kids, you may want to take a moment to indulge in a stiff drink or two before school is out. You know, for sanity’s sake. Have a great weekend!~


31 thoughts on “Countdown to Colossal Craziness

  1. I hope you have made plans and pack up to take the craziness to another place. I am planning to do just that in a month and a half (really where did the days go). Planning to take the craziness to a different venue – my mom’s place so that we can engage them too and give them a taste of the madness. But strangely my parents find this madness cute, I guess the day they see the reality they will be the ones to pack up and rush off on a vacation.

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    • Yes, hopefully we’ll be taking our craziness up and about whenever possible, instead of keeping it all confined in one overly insane place. 😀

      Grandparents do tend to find such insanity adorable. I can only assume it’s because they usually get to spoil the kids and then sugar them up… and then send them back home even crazier than they were to begin with. 😛

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  2. I was “alerted” to the school year being over when my normally nice and quiet Tuesday morning was shredded by the neighborhood hooligans screaming like banshees for nearly an hour straight….. and they at least a street over from me while they were raising the dead. Mid August can’t get here soon enough….

    Thanks for reminding me it’s been a while since I’ve tortured one of my unicorns….

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